In2 A Honduran Update

I honestly feel for the Honduran people at this time. Hell i’ve felt for them all along. Pawns to the neo colonialism that is the international carrot on a stick this poor nation and it’s inhabitants are truly victims of a very sick game.

The Micheletti government was  right to do ehat they did but they have done many things wrong since. They deserve a high degree of condemnation but neither them or more importantly the Honduran public deserve the deadly isolation and brinkmanshipt he world bodies have thrust upon them.

Likewise Mr. Zelaya deserves scorn. In fact I honestly feel this cowardly piece of shit deserves to die. His death will unfortunately breed a aura of martyrdom but he must die plain and simple. Under the guise of demanding his office back he is endangering the lives of the people. He is also without a doubt compounding the anti constitutional actions that lead to his removal.

Those that point out the actions of the interim government as an example of a threat to regional democracy really need to wake up. the threats to regional democracy in all of Latin America is alive and well in places like Havana,La Paz,Caracas,Quito and Managua. The Banana Republic fears of oligarchs and the wealthy are easily rivaled by the new dictators.

America should be very concerned about what is happening in it’s own backyard. It should also look to step up for real democracy and help places like Honduras as opposed to ostracizing them.

Honestly I don’t see how anyone can call the current administrations actions against Honduras as anything but a shame. A shame that mirrors the oafish Corrallary actions of the past as well as the more contemporary disgraces of Pinochet,El Salvador and others.



  1. I, too, feel for the Honduran people. I disagree with you, though, that the provision goverment did the right thing of forcibly removing Zelaya from power in the manner that it did. It circumvented the tenets of democracy that they were purportedly protecting. It’s an unfortunate blast from the past of other Latin American goverments of using the iron fist in the name of democracy. Don’t get me wrong. I disagreed with Zelaya’s stances, but there are ways to remove Zelaya in a manner that wouldn’t have blatantly offended the Honduran constitution. Now, as you point out, the de facto government is abrograting the civil rights of Hondurans without excuse — except for the “excuse” of public safety.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes indeed the people are getting the shaft.
    Latin America is an area where I am not necessarily aligned with my right of center brethren. The lost opportunities of quality,respectful relations with the nations there is a real black eye for America in my opinion.
    This post was written in a rush and a huff. I find Zelaya dangerous and cowardly. I now have to concede that the actions of the interim government has completely sullied any semblance of upholding the Honduran laws.
    Thanks again perhaps I can check out some of your posts and extend the same courtesy of a comment.

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