In2 Obama Lies Large…

Sorry folks but when I saw this I snapped a bit. It is an absolute LIE.

“My task here was not to negotiate with the Russians,” Obama told CBS’ “Face the Nation” in an interview for broadcast Sunday. “The Russians don’t make determinations about what our defense posture is.”

That is absolute bullshit! The Russian follow up speaks to it. The hope and probable need of Russian help on North Korea and Iran and the in general desire to engage all on all fronts speaks to it too.

The decision on the deployment of defensive missile systems isn’t a bad one on behalf of the President;however, it is a lie to say he isn’t up to his ears in negotiations and that the Russians have him by his shorties.



  1. The Center Square says:

    Obama is up to his ears in negotiations with the Russians? The Russians have Obama by the shorties? Do share the evidence. Otherwise, isn’t this post a lie?

  2. Alfie says:

    Dude…Medvedev is coming to America. Putin has stated he wants more from the USA,The Russians are allowing Afghanistan bound supplies to transit their territory and have threatened it before,are in multiple arms deals with Venezuela that is sure to complicate our actions in Latin America.And of course there is the Iran thing.
    The Russians are in the advantage in the current match up. This post is crystal clear truth.

  3. Alfie says:

    Also Center more words from the man himself

    “Russia had always been paranoid about this, but George Bush was right. This wasn’t a threat to them,” Obama said. “And this program will not be a threat to them.” (actually thats a lie that even Bush was saying. This was always a realistic threat to the Russians)

    He added: “If the byproduct of it is that the Russians feel a little less paranoid and are now willing to work more effectively with us to deal with threats like ballistic missiles from Iran or nuclear development in Iran, you know, then that’s a bonus.” (see even the POTUS agrees with my analysis)

    Russia said Saturday that it will scrap a plan to deploy missiles near Poland since Obama dumped the planned missile shield in Eastern Europe.
    Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said Obama’s move made the deployment of short-range missiles in the Kaliningrad region unnecessary, and he called the U.S. president’s decision a “victory of reason over ambitions.” (and the Russians seem to agree with me too!)

    Go shag the story yourself. It’s on the AP wire I found it via Yahoo

  4. Yes, these things are happening. But why do they mean Obama lied? The US engages in all sorts of relationship-building activities with Russia, as well as Poland and other countries that caught the short end of this particular stick.

    You present no evidence specifically contradicting the president’s statement. This military decision would have to be directly linked to negotiations with the Russians for the president’s statement to be a lie. Otherwise, you are drawing inferences based solely on your own speculation. That is not evidence of a lie.

    Why couldn’t you simply have criticized the president for this decision? There’s an honest debate to be had there.

    But when you say that Russia determines our defense posture, you impugn the integrity of this country’s defense for nearly five years, going back to the appointment of Sec. Gates.

  5. The Center Square says:

    Please listen to me. I understand this decision was made. I am not debating with you that it was made. I am calling out one thing, and one thing only: When President Obama says, “My task here was not to negotiate with the Russians. The Russians don’t make determinations about what our defense posture is,” that is not a lie. Do you honestly think the Russians determine our defense policy???

    My purpose here is to combat exaggeration, embellishment and downright misinformation that poisons our country’s ability to hold serious dialogue on important issues.

  6. Ben says:

    RE:The decision on the deployment of defensive missile systems isn’t a bad one on behalf of the President;however..

    Did you mean “The decision on the removal of defensive missile systems…”?

  7. Alfie says:

    I guess I’d really mean the redeployment since assigning the task to naval assets is how we’re going now..

  8. Alfie says:

    I believe we are truly engaged in a game of diplomacy and that not unlike the tit for tat of the Cold War era this is what this is.

  9. Alfie says:

    Center let me further explain myself. To me spin is a lie,and it doesn’t matter the party affiliation. I’m also a realist and have no doubt that before the end of the year President Obama will be singing the praises of the his administration for rengaging the world. You don’t have like where I’m coming from with this but at least you can see it – I hope.
    It is absolutely within the realm of this engagement that I find the Russians to be at the advantage and as much thus dictating the actions. Perhaps we’ll break point later we’ll see.

  10. Ben says:

    Are you aware that just about every professional analyst believes the decision as one which weakens America’s defense capabilities in the region an that it is also seen to embolden the Russians?

  11. The Center Square says:

    Thanks for your definition of lie. It’s an unfortunate definition, though. For one thing, it means that not a single elected official, or corporate official, or husband or wife or parent or child, or coach, or minister passes muster. With that definition, you might as well spare your time here — everyone is a liar. Got it.

    Also, it is unfortunate because deciding that “spin” is a “lie” is itself spin. I guess we both see were that logic leads.

    Again, I am sorry you had to, in my opinion, pollute a legitimate issue with needless, incorrect and inflammatory rhetoric.

  12. Alfie says:

    I am aware that the Russians are understandably emboldened. The reality of the world as well as US military doctrine dictates that sea borne systems are better. The US is transferring into one that is concerned with littoral warfare and given that nations of all sizes are missile -ing up again sea borne is the right choice.
    AEGIS is also a proven system.

  13. Alfie says:

    Well Center you are the one being inflammatory if you ask me. you use your words in a well planned way to defeat opposing views. As for your look on spin I pity you.

  14. The Center Square says:

    Opposing views? What opposing views? I don’t have ANY view of this issue. I don’t know the first thing about missile defense systems, or the military or political wisdom of this particular decision.

    The ONLY I had to say here is that when people go out of their way to call my president a liar for no good reason — or when they called my previous president a traitor for no good reason — it is one more step in the slow, seemingly inexorable, erosion of social and political stability.

    You think Obama is the enemy. I think ideological blindness (from any direction) is the enemy. I hold people like you personally responsible for the dismal quality of elected officials, especially in Congress. Attitudes like yours make it easy and profitable for cynical, exploitive politicians to prosper, and impossible for thoughtful ones even to survive. Attitudes like yours give us morons like Joe Wilson and Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Charles Rangel. If you hate the direction our government is going, think about why that is.

  15. Alfie says:

    In no particular order:
    I don’t think Obama is the enemy and on this issue I actually support the decision.
    I didn’t call President Obama a liar. I stated he is lying. He is exhibiting an intellectual dishonesty.
    My attitudes ? I’m from Massachusetts. How am I doing anything to Congress? I consistently vote against the morons I have.And I’m the epitome of the problem you point out. I live in a one party rule state that has just contradicted itself on a purely partisan issue. (replacing Ted K)
    I actually agree with you to a great extent on the ideological blindness point.I hold that view in regards to how people hold rigidly to an extreme instead of being more pragmatic and getting something done.

  16. Alfie says:

    ok ok ok in a full disclosure kind of way I did have a previous post titled In2 Obama is a liar. That was more about provoking discussion and initiating my e public face on spin etc. from the administration.

  17. Alfie says:

    BBCseems to support me.

  18. The Center Square says:

    Okay, so you think spin is the same thing as lying. And yet, you say, “I didn’t call President Obama a liar. I stated he is lying.” I’m done here.

  19. Elric66 says:

    He lies all the friggin time

  20. The Red Pill says:

    “Attitudes like yours make it easy and profitable for cynical, exploitive politicians to prosper, and impossible for thoughtful ones even to survive. Attitudes like yours give us morons like Joe Wilson and Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Charles Rangel.”

    And since Barack Obama prospers on his exploitive demagoguery, hypocritical attitudes like yours is what gave us morons like him.

  21. The Center Square says:

    Red Pill, I don’t see Obama as neither a demogogue nor a moron, but I’ll grant that you do. Do we agree, then, that the sorry state of government is a direct result of the sorry state of political discourse? In other words, that the whole sorry mess is our collective fault? That our willingness to be exploited by politicians, to be led rather than to lead, is the underlying source of our national corrosion? That it causes your side of the political ledger to send a bunch of me-first, personal-power-above-national-need politicians to Washington, just as it causes the left to do the same?

    I will agree with that statement if you will. Same goes for Alfie and Elrich. Agreed?

  22. Alfie says:

    For what its worth I agree the people get the government they deserve. When the people are less than vigilant and diligent we get the identity politics,spin meisters and pork hounds. It is then a self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t raise MY taxes but get me a program. Don’t build a bridge THERE but by all means create jobs HERE.
    I have to disagree though to any notion that voicing anger over any politicians is somehow a huge negative.
    So in closing I don’t really know if that is agreement or conditional agreement or what. It is what I have on offer though. Thanks for the discussion no matter what though. Alfie

  23. The Center Square says:

    Thanks Alfie. That sounded fair.

    Do you worry that the hard right slant of the current anger being voiced will alienate centrists, and thus have the effect of NOT changing the course of Washington? In fact, may have the perverse effect of locking in the status quo?

  24. Elric66 says:

    “I don’t see Obama as neither a demogogue nor a moron.”

    The moron doesnt even know the name of his daughter or her medical history.

  25. The Center Square says:

    Tell you what. I will bet you $1,000,000 that he does.

  26. V. Skladovska says:

    Center, everyone knows it’s a lie. Please spare us the hypocrisy of condescendingly accusing Alfie of inflamatory rhetoric when that describes the sum and substance of your comments in their entirety. This big stinky lie is exactly that. Obama does not walk on water and he lied. Big shocker.

  27. Elric66 says:

    Where is my million dollars?

  28. Alfie says:

    Seriously though…do you reallythink he doesn’t know ?? W and Obama have another thing in common in my mind. They clearly love their kids. I think you could make a sick case that they do so more than a number of their 20th century predecessors.
    That story is bad mojo except for the angle that properly highlights how mighty some lefty moonbats would’ve jumped on W. There in lies a rub though. From jerkoffs that created websites titled BushGirlsGoneWild or something like that to the triple finger crossing hopefest to catch the girls doing something stupid should really show those on the center right that they can aim higher. Set the bar baby and let’s not set it low !

  29. Elric66 says:

    I think its rather odd that he gets his kids name mixed up, cant get her medical history right and he also doesnt know where he met his wife. Plus that just about the entire guy’s past is sealed.

  30. The Center Square says:

    I realize he mis-spoke his daughters’ name. That’s not what you said, though. You said that he didn’t KNOW it. Do you really want to bet that he literally does not know her name?!!! I’ll take that action if you do.

  31. Elric66 says:

    I real dumbass “misspeaking” her name. Especially when he got her medical history wrong just a week before. You sure you want this moron controlling your healthcare?

  32. The Center Square says:

    Well, if that sort of misspeaking disqualifies a person from elected office, I guess it’s back to the jungle. No one goes through life without such minor slip ups, and all the more so when your every spoken word is on the record.

    But I appreciate at least that you conceded the falsehood that he doesn’t know his daughter’s name, and are settled on him merely being a moron for being tongue-tied once.

    Where do I pick up the million dollars?

  33. Elric66 says:

    “No one goes through life without such minor slip ups, and all the more so when your every spoken word is on the record.”

    Lying about illegals is a “minor” slip up? This is exactly why there is no point in honest debate with drones.

  34. The Center Square says:

    WTF? The topic is: You claimed that Obama doesn’t know his daughter’s name. Do you need to take your ADHD meds? I want my million dollars.

  35. Elric66 says:

    As Thuggy for a handout drone

  36. The Center Square says:

    Come again? That doesn’t make any sense.

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