In2 A Sunday Morning Question…

With all the debate and discussion about race,racism,liberals,leftards,conservatives and wingnuts I’m curious about something.

When it comes to the extremes and centers which end of the spectrum is actually better for the Constitution?



  1. That’s a good question. The greatness of the Constitution is that it provides stability. It has provided more than two centuries of uninterrupted democratic continuity, peaceful transitions of power, and (eventually) enduring liberty for all Americans.

    That stability inherently comes from the center. In fact, we have no extremes. What we think of as radical reactionaries on the right, or wingnut liberals on the left, would be regarded as mainstream centrists in most parts of the world. It only seems like we have a far-reaching spectrum of relevant political thought because we are so self-absorbed as not to be able to recognize true extremes.

    America may slosh a little to the left, slosh a little to the right. But like a pendulum, we always come back toward the center. The center is stability. The center preserves the Constitution.

  2. Alfie says:

    thanks for that comment. It is very interesting to say the least. i like it and give it 2 thumbs up

  3. The Center Square says:

    I’m glad we can agree on something!!!

  4. Elric66 says:

    Well since its the right that wants to preserve and go back to the Constitution, I woudl say the right. Every firewall thats been breeched has been from the left or occasionally by the “moderates” like Juan McVain via McVain/Feingold.

  5. The Center Square says:

    There are innumerable examples of constitutional abuse from the right. Certain provisions of the Patriot Act are severe encroachments on civil liberty. A Republican president, Bush 41, and Congress gave us the Americans with Disabilities Act, a huge intrusion into employers’ and property owners’ rights. Conservative interests were responsible for long delays in the extension of constitutional civil rights to women and minorities.

    Social conservatives have advocated the deprivation of individual liberties for homosexuals (same-sex marriage) and women seeking abortions. While only abortion (privacy) has been found to be a right found in the constitution, the social conservative movement is anthethical to the general constitutional proposition of individual liberty. They have argued loudly against First Amendment rights when it comes to prayer in schools.

    Republicans beginning with Reagan have championed a policy of not funding government expenditures, all the while raising spending with the same fervor as Democrats. This resulted in almost $12 trillion in federal debt by the time Bush 43 left office. Democrats historically are champions of taxation, Republicans historically are champions of debt — both of which equally undermine our constitutional stability. This has placed enormous influence in the hands of Chinese and other foreign debt investors, to the detriment of our national stability.

    So, I am sticking with my vote that the moderate center is what preserves our nation’s stability, and ultimately the constitutional freedoms on which we depend.

  6. Elric66 says:

    You want leftist abuses of the Constitution, here you go.

    Since Fray is from Mass, Im surprised he hasnt brought it up yet. Be afraid, very afraid.

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