In2 Reform…what does it mean ?

Saner folks in the country that are trying to have a debate on the health care debacle that is unravelling down in the Beltway have real concerns.

I consider myself one of those saner folks and am sharing an article I saw over at City Journal.

HR3200 doesn’t say boo about medical malpractice reform. In his recent speech President Obama paid pathetic lip service pretty much proposing pilot programs at the state level. Go figure a Democrat proposing more bureaucracy.

Anyway in the truest meaning of the word reform of the health care system in America MUST address malpractice,litigation and defensive medicine.

I think Obama needs to remember something he said in 1996. I don’t know the full context of the address it’s from so some Chicagoean could possibly hand me my ass in this discussion but here it is:

“Anyone who denies there is a crisis in medical malpractice is probably a trial lawyer.” – Barack Obama