In2 it’s rough to be a German soldier…

Many reports are out there on the German ordered air assault in Kunduz Afghanistan. NATO is sweating it and the sitting German government could feel shockwaves come election far exceeding those related to the German ordered US airstrike.

Omar told SPIEGEL that the German commander who ordered the strike, Colonel Georg Klein, “made the right decision at the right time and acted in a very level-headed way.”

German soldiers had always been criticized in the past for not taking robust enough action, he said. “They either flee back to their camp or they sit around crying,” said Omar. The population had gotten the impression that the Germans were working together with the Taliban, he added. Now a gang of criminals had been caught in the act, he said. (bold mine)

So damned if they do,or don’t. The Germans will almost assuredly suffer now and into the future for their involvement in Afghanistan.