In2 Compassion is a one way Street

Libya will “resist” calls from victims of past IRA attacks regards compensation. Libya is implicated in arms supplies to the terror group.

The official line is that Libya will leave any such issues to the courts. I find that laughable even if it is clearly a logical position. The fact that the former pariah state wants to up it’s international relationships you’d think a better statement at a minimum would’ve been in line.



  1. steph says:

    It’s a bit churlish to be requesting Libya pay compensation to victims of the Provos, when the British government hasn’t compensated victims of British state sponsored terror in the six counties and beyond. There are lots of reasons to despise the current fascist regime in Libya but arming the Provos isn’t one of them. The five biggest arms dealers in the world happen to be the P5 and it wasn’t Libya who armed al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Saddam.

  2. Alfie says:

    I appreciate a deeper story line exists here for sure. I think my main feeling was that Libya could/should perhaps conduct itself with some class and flair on the international scene in a form other than Ghadaffi’s Beodouin tent. Also for what it’s worth I always thought Semtex came from former eastern bloc countries.

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