In2 Drug decriminalization…

I saw a  piece over at the Guardian about former Brazilian President Cardoso stating the world needs to start the liberalization of drug policy. It touches upon the failure of the drug wars and all that too.

The Guardian I imagine has a horse in this race and that’s ok but the topic is worth looking at still.

Decriminalization of some drugs may be a very good idea indeed. The wastoids that need to alter themselves are of no real worth to society so why should society fight them ? I can also see a taxation and fee revenue stream that could be used to help addicts that actually desire and deserve treatment so there’s a win win.

I would caution the Latin American nations though that believe even the greatest level of decriminalization will be of benefit to their societies. The drug lords are not just about drugs. They’re about power and even if cocaine and marijuana were suddenly over the counter commodities they would seek to control them and other things too.

Curious about the views of others-Alfie


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  1. The Red Pill says:

    Legalize marijuana. Sell annual cultivation licences that allow people to grow up to 3 plants for personal use. That wouldn’t totally cut out the cartels, but would possibly make a dent.

    Decriminalize minor cocaine possession. Give people a ticket instead of filling up prisons. That would both create income as well as save money. It’s not like the threat of jail is keeping anyone off of cocaine, anyways. It is an ineffective deterant.

    I think it is debatable how the cartels would react. History shows that the mob that got powerful providing alcohol through prohibition didn’t simply turn into legitimate alcohol-makers when it was repealed. Instead, they felt compelled to move to different areas crime.

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