In2 Contraception Myths or just dumb British chicks ???

From BBC

A UK survey has revealed that myths about contraception may be widespread.

One in five women said they had heard of kitchen items, including bread, cling film and even chicken skin, being used as alternative barrier methods.

Others had heard food items such as kebabs, Coca-cola or crisps could be used as oral contraceptives.

The survey questioned 1,000 women aged 18 to 50 and was carried out by market research company Opinion Health, sponsored by Bayer Schering Pharma.


I appreciate that having heard of something doesn’t mean you believe but it equally amazes me that those with the equipment (vagina,uterus etc.) can be so potentially ignorant.



  1. wickle says:

    Yeah … I would like to know the percentage that believed it to make the story more relevant. After all, I’ve heard lots of “old wives’ tales,” but I don’t believe the nonsense.

    I’m shuddering at the chicken skin thing, though … that thought is more than a little nasty!

  2. steph says:

    Hmm… bread and animal skin, were historical barrier methods. Condoms were originally made out of animal skin, and bread was used as an early form of the sponge. Although not as reliable as modern condoms and sponges, they were both fairly reliable methods of contraception as is withdrawal and the dick pinch. Knowing about them doesn’t mean you use those methods.

    The high teenage pregnancy rate has more to do with young girls deliberately getting pregnant for a rent free house and a social security cheque or being to drunk to take precautions. I still think girls under sixteen should be practising abstinence, not contraception.

  3. Alfie says:

    Thanks both. Yeah I get that knowledge isn’t action and all that. Steph I agree with your points especially the close.

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