In2 You’ve gotta be freakin kidding me…


A quarter of a million less jobs were lost and that’s a sign of recovery ?!?!

Let me be clear. The stat that has many an Obot pitching wood is that a quarter of million people lost their jobs as opposed to nearly a half a million previously reported quarter.

Errr I don’t think so. Add to this the $ starting to get it’s ass kicked again and a mixed bag of commodity news and I’m thinking we’re still screwed.



  1. Randy says:

    Oh, I feel so much safer, now that Obama has rescued the economy from the brink of disaster. True we lost jobs last month, but we lost LESS jobs than the month before. We’re still crashing, just not crashing as quickly.

    Of course, the number quoted is just the number actively seeking employment, many have fallen off the list. I’ve heard various numbers on the “true” unemployment number, but most are around 16-17%. But the umemployed can rest assured that they can still go out and take out a huge car payment by turning in their clunker.

    Don’t worry, be happy. Kumbaya….

  2. What these people forget is that 1) no recession since WWII has lasted more than two years; and 2) yes, things slow down as they start to hit bottom.

    Consider as well the figure that unemployment dropped from 9.5% to 9.4%, which is supposed to be a “good” thing. If the unemployment figure (which does not factor in people who have given up looking for jobs or are really, really underemployed) has dropped while job losses are still happening, it indicates that a lot of Americans have simply given up looking for jobs or are ineligible for unemployment benefits, both of which are horrible signs for our economy.

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