In2 Middle class tax increases…


Obama Administration says “Bend over,relax”. You may have heard that line before if you’ve ever had a complete physical. Ironically deficits and health care reform will be the leading causes of the middle class reaming that anyone with a brain knew was coming. Deficits being the wars as well as the spending spree the liberals have been on. Healthcare reform being the clusterfuck that the government has and will continue to turn it into.

You like your coverage ? Keep it. No and the same will soon apply to your wallet.



  1. Tim Weaver says:

    Yeah, but let’s not forget this spending spree started with Reagan, was cut by Clinton, and then surged to epic proportions by W.

  2. Alfie says:

    I’m hearing ya. I also saw the update that the administration has countered with a reassertion of the no taxes on those under 250k. I honestly don’t see that as being possible.

  3. Geraldo says:

    “This” spending spree hardly started with Reagan or exacerbated by Bush. “This” is beyond comprehension. Bush’s deficit was pretty bad, around $600-700 billion (I think). Obama’s planning on quadrupling that.

  4. Tim Weaver says:

    Geraldo, “this” is what needed to happen because of “that” kind of economic philosophy which brought us to our knees. Yes, the bailout is a travesty on a whole volume of levels, but it’s still preferable to what would have happened if we had let the financial industry crash and burn.

    You find anything in that safe yet?

  5. Geraldo says:

    Tim, your comment doesn’t make sense. If the economic philosophy of engaging in spending sprees brought us to our knees, why do you support doing more of it on an even larger scale? Or is this just more of that “everything this administration does is right becuase Bush sucked” mantra?

  6. Elric66 says:

    Yeah, that makes sense. Lets quadruple the spending spree that brought us to our knees.

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