In2 What a F@#king Joke and waste of beer too…



I’m sorry but the staged and absolutely pathetic beer garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has got to go into the books as a low point in American history.

I have no f@#king idea what anyone thought the event was supposed to accomplish but it just really turns out to be the cherry on top of a shit sundae and if you eat any ,well you’re an idiot.

Some Frays for the event.

A picture is worth a …

I know all too well that photos capture a moment and by no means the full context etc. With that said I think the image here from AFP does indeed speak volumes. Obama and Biden in their blue collar regular guys having a beer with our sleeves rolled up gear look stupid. They also reek of discomfort as they mow down on the snacks.The Gates Crowley combo actually look like they may be in polite if uncomfortable conversation. I imagine the two having the most intelligence &  knowing full well that this is a pony show are the latter.

The beverage choice:

Obama I guess was advised to avoid the potential of another Grey Poupon moment. Unfortunately he fucked up by listening to whoever. What’s up with the symbolism ? What the Irish white guy wants a beer ? Or is it simply because of the blue collar chic ? Gates went to the Vineyard after the arrest to unwind. Diid he go malt liquor or chardonnay ?

Joe Biden:

Some say he made the show secondary to his standing with the poo’ leece. Unhuh. NO!!!! Just like a boy, girl, boy, girl,… seating arrangement the geniuses went white, black, white, black… If you want to get into fractions technically their were three white guys there.

Public sit down:

What the fuck ????? Did We the People really need this photo op ? If we did the reality of the event surely torpedoed it. I also have to imagine truly mature folks of all colors and creeds etc are gonna sit down together for a cold one this weekend regardless of this event,it’s precursors or anything else.



  1. wickle says:

    I think you just about said it all.

    This is an inane, useless photo op that pretty much represents the President getting involved in stuff that doesn’t concern him, then trying to smooth it over.

    Bah! Taking pictures of it would be a waste of film if not for these new-fangled cameras.

  2. The Red Pill says:

    I like the picture going around that shows the cop helping the old professor down the White House steps, as Obama walks ahead of them, oblivious to the fact that the old man needed help, because he was more interested in getting his picture taken.

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