In2 Obamacare,British body parts and such…


I imagine this story may be getting some play in the partisan circles but I’m on it due to my previous followings of the underlying story.

The British NHS is putting the brakes on the private sector practice of organ transplants. Given their system one could understand their position. I look at it though and wonder how effective such a ban is going to be. I also wonder to what extent the USA will be thrown into such an issue.

I am actually anti organ transplant. I imagine this puts me in the Obama euthanasia camp but then you have to accept that organ transplantation is a key area to enact health care social justice policy. So I guess I end up standing alone.

No matter where you stand hang on to your organs.




  1. Marc says:

    I really still don’t understand the constant comparisons of the British system (nationalized healthcare) to what Obama’s proposing (a government health insurance option).

  2. Alfie says:

    because a number of things fit. Most notably N.I.C.E.

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