In2 the gold standard…

I don’t know about anyone else but I for one am absolutely sick and tired of all the buy gold ads etc.

Gold is indeed trading high and mighty but it’s really not the golden investment opportunity the shills want you to believe it is.

Let me Explain

First off the world economy isn’t that bad and probably will never be that bad. Even if though the idea of buying anything at such a high seems stupid.

The law is pretty clear precedent wise regards what the feds may do in an economic meltdown regards gold and other precious metals. Those that put themselves in cash debt aquiring gold should probably check out some FDR history for starters.

And now the biggie. The world is totally in the shitter but you got gold. What are you going to buy with it? Absolutely f@#$ing nothing. You see whilst you bebop down to the corner store with your lucky gold bar to buy the $300. loaf of bread you are going to be killed. The fires and screams should’ve clued you in to the fact that today wasn’t a good shopping day. If you stay in your house with your guns and horded ammo,assuming you are the stereotypical right wingnut that also looks to gold to save you, don’t worry,you’ll be having company soon enough. You see the utilities won’t be taking gold and even if they did me and the crew will be outside lighting your house afire and shooting at you. You will die in your house amongst your gold bars,coins or worse -certificates while me and the lads grab the last of your beer and cold cuts.

So take it from me. DON’T BUY,”INVEST” or TRADE in GOLD. It’s a waste of money and time. Be seeing ya!


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  1. Marc says:

    Ha, I live in the South, pawn shops on every corner, trust me I’m tired of the Gold advertisements too.

    And Gold really isn’t that safe. In this recession Gold has gone through the wildest price fluctuations in its history. The reason being people’s rapid dash to Gold, then back to stocks, then gold, then stocks, as the market has fluctuated. So it’s just as tied to the markets as any other commodity. If you hold gold at a time everyone rushes to it, you could stand to make some money, but if you misguess the market and get in late at a time when people run back to stocks, well, you’re screwed.

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