In2 Banana Republic Update…

Dateline Latin America:

Zelaya has put on his trademark cowboy hat which looks more like a prop from a bad western porn and is touring all the countries that’ll have him.Currently he is chilling with Danny “I’m nothing like I usedto be” Ortega in the Nic’.

He has issued an ultimatum to the Micheletti government which will and rightly should go ignored. It shows his hand though and is furthering the heat of the spotlight that is shining on the ineptitude of the OAS.

Chavez is a big fat cry baby who is upset former Costa Rica prez Arias is using his Nobel cred to head up negotiations. Chavez doesn’t like Arias or democracy and jsut can’t stand getting schooled.. Ha! Fat boy -shut up !

Morales of Bolivia has meanwhile apparently ingested the coca leaf surpluses. He has “proof” that the USA backed the coup that wasn’t a coup. Not for nothing but using the logic behind a certain other NAM nations recent crisis, that being Iran, I say -where’s the proof ? Leftist anti America types can’t have it both ways.

I personally predict the Micheletti government will call for elections a month or two earlier than they were meant to happen and allow sleazy Z to ease back home without arrest. I also predict Zelaya is absolutely looking and is committed to returning to the Palace some day so he can get his Chavista on.