In2 Barry Red Faced ????


He should be. He got completely schooled in the Motherland by Putin. You can spin the nuke line all you want but it’s a very weak argument.The numbers are what they are and if anything the Russians are cool with less but newer. Where are we ?

America via Obama have been completely and utterly punked by the neo-Soviets. Obama was essentially shown a blackboard on which Putin wrote the following.

  1. We will fuck you on Iran
  2. Georgia and Ukraine are mine
  3. We will fuck you in the Middle East
  4. You  will not put missiles in Europe
  5. You will not push agendas we disagree with
  6. The USA is irrelevant

redpissSo I’m thinking President Obama is entitled to a little red face. Embarrassment,frustration and choking on reality. Probably has some vodka in the Putin gift bag that he can use to wash down that last one.


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  1. Elric66 says:

    I doubt he is red faced because he doesnt give a damn about this nation. He would be red faced if he was naive but he isnt. He wants America weak.

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