In2 Barack Obama has no hand…

From another thread I was spurned to visualize BHO in that Seinfeld episode. You see on the foreign policy front Barack Obama has no hand.

In Iran Ahmandinejad has the upper hand and he’s giving us the finger.

On Honduras he’s got no hand because he’s gone the go along-get along route as opposed to showing leadership. ( see In2the multiple tridents of the Honduras crisis… )

Middle East,He’s got no hand given the special envoy glut. Again no real leadership and if nothing else the other hands don’t give a damn.

North Korea ? He’s waving his hands but I don’t think Kimmie cares. Is that hand ?

Russia. Absolutely no fucking hand whatsoever. In fact the Russians and by that I mean Putin has all the hand and slapped Barry around like the proverbial red headed step child. (see  In2 Barry Red Faced ??)

About the only place he really has some hand is in our pockets. And he’s not even giving the happy little jiggle while he’s in there.


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  1. Sadly for us, it appears that Obama’s poker skills are in the same league with his bowling and girly-style baseball throw.

    Russia recieved much of what it wants before Obama even landed, i.e. council with NATO, so how would anybody expect Barack to gain advantage? Meanwhile, the Kremlin has failed even to comply with the terms of the truce signed with Georgia last year- continuing to do pretty much as it pleases.

    I don’t see any reason to be doing deals with the Russians- they have nothing to offer the United States, IMO.

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