In2 So why doesn’t Zelaya stay there…


Costa Rica the happiest place on Earth

Let’s face it. It’s better than Honduras any day,I can provide testimony to that. This is meant in a humorous way of course. I am awaiting the return attempt of Zelaya to see what else I’ll post on the whole deal. I do have one roughed out that’s a few days old. It was tentatively  titled in2the multiple tridents of the Honduras crisis

You see there really is so much that hasn’t been explored about this issue. The reason the OAS is doing what it is doing,Hugo and of course Obama. Europes reaction is based on a simple point that NOBODY has touched on. Every entity involved has in my view three things min. going for it,hence the trident word choice.

Keep your eyes open,I hope you do and together we’ll jump in2thefray



  1. The Red Pill says:

    Looking forward to it, Alfie.

  2. Alfie says:

    Clear to Land ??? NOT Yahoo

  3. The Red Pill says:

    I just read an article at that called this a “barracks takeover.”

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