In2 Someone’s bloviating for sure…


The White House contended on Sunday that Iran’s president wasn’t in charge of his country’s foreign policy and said his criticism of Washington was little more than ”bloviations.” NYT

Is this anything more than obscene spin on behalf of the leader of the free world ? I don’t think so since he can’t be this fucking stupid. Then again maybe he is,or at least some of his lackeys anyway.

Although the mullahs have much juice it is generally accepted ,and very much so recently reported, that Ahmadinejad has indeed championed a foreign and domestic policy menu that has angered some of the highest clerics. Ahmadinejad epitomizes the foreign policy of the Republic and there are far too many cases to believe he is just some kind of sock puppet.

The West constantly misinterprets Iran and will always come up the loser in the game it falsely believes it controls unilaterally.


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  1. The Red Pill says:

    Typical Obama.

    The best way to get him to run his mouth is to talk bad about him.

    Ask Rev Wright.

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