In2the Mark Sanford Fray

I’ve seen a couple of the posts on the subject that are on offer on the WPPBA tag today. I have to say the only one I really like is Marcs at IOEOTO.

Anyway this is one of those stories that warrants me putting in my 2 cents so here goes.

I actually like Sanford and contrary to some I don’t find the hypocrisy factor so alarming. His condemnation of Bill Clinton back in the Lewinsky days and his stance on gay marriage are not the points of hypocrisy people want you to think they are. These are cloud cover talking points for people with bigger agendas. As governor of a very red state he has really no choice on the gay marriage controversy. If you think that isn’t true then you better hold the next governor of Massachusetts to the same thinking any number of issues. The personal will of the executive is not always the same as the governed. As for voting to impeach Clinton years ago. What ? Change to much to ask for ?

Let me tell you the truth.

Sanford should not resign.

He should resign himself that his future in SC politics is over but he should stay through his term. I think it is important he do so if for no other reason that he needs to play the bigger role for the future of the GOP if he’s up for it. He has a job to do and if the people of South Carolina don’t want him they need to step up and impeach him. Democracy isn’t about the easy way of doing something .

Sanford should Divorce

Yeah the fundamentalists aren’t going to love him if he does but he’s essentially done with them no matter. If he truly feels his marriage is what his words and actions indicate he should leave the marriage. This is also key to continuing to fight for a better GOP if he chooses to step up.

The GOP and Sanford

The GOP has a choice to make. They can throw Sanford under the bus if they want,or they can choose to try to get the Party in shape to win elections. A repentant Sanford is more than good enough to work with other leaders in the GOP to shape the Party future.



  1. Elric66 says:

    Heh, whats with your clowns? Sanford cheats, Newt embraces Powell and Romney thinks jihad has nothing to do with islam.

  2. Alfie says:

    Sanfords a clown ? That’s an excellent example of ultra Right lunacy running amok. Just a a couple of weeks ago he was the Rights darling for turning down ObamaBucks. Now he isn’t in love with his wife he’s a RINO.LOL

  3. steph says:

    If I was Sanford’s wife I might think about throwing that Argentinian bocchinara under the bus, but what has he done so bad? I would hope that he and his wife can sort things out with his wife. It might not just be his fault, maybe she doesn’t try hard enough to satisfy him in bed or could do with losing a few kilos. If they love each other they should try to preserve their marriage and then it’s no one else’s business. But I’d have a hard time trusting a politician who divorced his wife because adultery a moment of weakness but divorce is treachery forever.

  4. Alfie says:

    You’ve touched on this at your blog and if I remember right I never got around to asking. If the case is that you truly don’t love each other anymore is divorce still wrong ? My take specifically with Sanford is that he has to be honest. Either way on this side of the Pond with an (R) at the end of your name adultery/divorce I’m thinking you’re all done.

  5. Elric66 says:

    Did I say he was a RINO? Where did I say that? The guy’s a clown because he was a front runner and threw it all away. Yeah he’s a clown and would have been one of the candidates I looked at. And it isnt because he doesnt love his wife, its that he cheated. You really are twisting words and making things up. I thought you better than that.

  6. Alfie says:

    Oh calm down. I humbly apologize that I read into your previous usage of clown and the Rights general attitude on the subject. In a face to face conversation it wouldn’t have happened. Such is the failings of thread conversations.

  7. wickle says:

    To be honest, not being from South Carolina, I don’t really care whether he resigns.

    Were he from NH, though, I’d want to know more details about his abandonment of his office. If he really didn’t turn over the reins to the lt. governor and was out of touch, then I’d say that that warrants resignation — but your point about impeachment stands. If they want him gone before his term, that’s their job.

    I won’t comment on the divorce, because there are variables that I don’t want to know.

    As for his future use to the Republicans … I think it depends. People have tried to make a lot of mileage out of Clinton’s relationships (not just Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick, which do have broader scope), as well as those of John Edwards, that guy from NJ (I’m too lazy to look up his name … Corzine, maybe?), and such.

    Whether or not it makes Gov. Sanford a hypocrite, it does make a lot of partisan hacks into hypocrites when they try to explain why Edwards should be down for the count and Sanford shouldn’t.

    At risk of getting too long-winded (in the keyboarding sense), your point about his position on gay marriage being dictated by his state doesn’t hold up, methinks. If that’s the case — that he doesn’t really care about marriage but said he did to win in SC — then he was already a hypocrite. It doesn’t give him a pass, it just means he’s exposed.

  8. Marc says:

    As always Alfie, thanks for the plug.

  9. Alfie says:

    I meant to add some linkage. i’ll try later.

  10. Alfie says:

    Wickle I imagine he’s a DOMA guy so my comment was unclear and poorly put forth. It was a scrambled response to some of those that are trying to link the issue to his infidelity.

  11. Elric66 says:

    Apology accepted 🙂

  12. HMS Nerd says:

    Thing is, Sanford was a likable, and actually liked figure. “As Governor of a very red state,” he managed to escape many of the cultural traps lain for conservatives. Traps that ensnared Sarah Palin, for example. This latest news robs him of cross-over appeal, but, as Alfie points out, the right thing for someone to do in that position is stick out the term. The networks are already at the point of asking “what’s next”:

  13. steph says:

    Divorce doesn’t exist in Catholicism, so for a Catholic, yes it’s wrong. A man shouldn’t have a bit on the side, but of he does that is between him and his wife, but if he was to divorce his wife to marry his puttana, that tells me all I need to know about his character: he is mentally and morally weak and not to be trusted.

  14. The Red Pill says:

    I’m with Wickle on this one. I’m from CA, not SC. I say let the people of SC decide. They are the people he is answerable to.

    Plus, I’m looking at Pawlenty right now for 2012.

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