In2 Obama No Win Without Spin #2


North Korea.

Stop the ship or not ? Embargo ? That’s too funny. China going to help out ? If they do it’ll be both ways just like in the past.

That’s just a few of the reasons Barack Obama can’t win with North Korea. The North Koreans can float out empty ships and if they get stopped they look good. If they get caught doing something wrong they get to retaliate. Where does that leave us ?



  1. The Red Pill says:

    Follow the ship to wherever it’s going. “Convince” that country that it is in their best interests to allow inspections of what comes off of it. Any country that doesn’t like that deal can be subject to unattractive sanctions, like those placed on their North Korean friends.

  2. Alfie says:

    But the likelihood of that occurring is pretty slim. In fact the UN mandate is so watered down I don’t know what could happen. About the only hope the USA has is if it or other NK ships dock in relatively friendly ports (Singapore) and a super covert op discovers something without being discovered. Otherwise the world just walks through the cycle,America gets punked and Kimie gets his ego stroked.

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