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Obama No Win Without Spin #1


US President BH Obama is in a no win situation on Iran. There is room for some serious spin to make it seem like he’s the man but that’s just not reality.

Iran is calling the shots and holding all the cards. Iran doesn’t care about the USA and our attitudes,desires and plans. Iran has enough time and friends to go along on it’s own way. Sure many of them aren’t the big boys on the block,but clearly they have enough friends to make out.

Obama can’t take the hard line on Iran since that’ll play into the hands of the hardliners. Obama can’t go the soft road because the static he’ll take at home. When he takes the static at home you can be assured it’ll end up in the Iranian media.

Obama can’t win when it comes to Iran. I wonder how people feel about that ?



  1. Marc says:

    Actually, I think Obama’s in a very good position right now, or at least a better one than he has been in – You just have to think long-term.

    Listen, if the protesters win this round, he’s done precisely what Karoubi, Mousavi and Rasfanjani have asked him to do – Butted out. Assuming the protesters end up in any higher position of influence than when they started, Obama gets a negotiating partner in Iran on nuclear weapons.

    If the regime totally puts down the protesters, Obama takes an initial hit because of the Republican lie brigade (the brigade trying to influence the public Obama could have had any effect on the outcome of this outbreak short of declaring war or supplying arms). However, long-run, France and the rest of the quibblers stop quibbling about sanctioning Iran and doing some hardline negotiations. France has already had a more extreme reaction to this thing, so it’s not to much to expect. Even bigger, the idea of Islamic theocratic government takes a blow throughout the Middle East. Iran, the only peaceful, stable Islamic government in the Muslim World (in comparison to the Taliban government, Somali psuedo-states, Hamas) acts like it’s led by corrupt gangsters and not enlightened Islamic scholars.

  2. Curator says:

    “Iran is calling the shots and holding all the cards.”

    … in an Iranian presidential election Iran is calling the shots…. imagine that!

    Something the neocons in the western world can’t influence and they throw a hissy fit.

    I found this yesterday while browsing and its fit’s to a tee what my thinking is on this whole Obama / Iran thing and why we should not voice outright support for Iranian protest and rebellion.

    Here’s the question:

    Say there’s a Presidential election that you and thousands of other Republicans are convinced was stolen by the Democrats. Say you’re out there protesting, trying to build public support for your cause.

    Now let’s say Khamenei expresses his wholehearted support for your efforts. Say Ahmadinejad says “I stand with the American people in their opposition to Democratic tyranny.” Say Hu Jintao says the election was fraudulent, and Medvedev calls for the Democrat to step down. Say Kim Jong Il says “today, we are all Republicans.”

    Would these expressions of support help or hurt your efforts to build support among Americans?

    Those on the right who claim that what Obama’s endorsement would do for the Iranian opposition would be the last to admit any such thing. To them the things Obama actually does as president have no value; it’s only the things he doesn’t do that could transform the world and magically stop the Iranian violence and somehow force Ahmadinejad from power.

  3. The Red Pill says:

    “Something the neocons in the western world can’t influence and they throw a hissy fit.”

    Are neocons the ones saying that Obama influenced the Iranian protesters to take to the streets in the first place?

    There is foolishness going around on all sides of this issue.

  4. Curator says:

    No, but I haven’t heard anybody make this claim either. Are you saying there are people making this claim that Obama was a factor in the Iranian people opposing the election results and demonstrating in the streets?

    If so I think you give Obama far too much credit for influencing events in other countries.

  5. Alfie says:

    actually there have been people that have linked the Cairo speech and the Narwuz message to the “revolution” in Iran.

  6. The Red Pill says:

    Yeah that is a popular theme in some circles, and even Gibbs has hinted at it.

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