In2 Go West Young Man…

Unless you’re looking for a job. the West goes to 10% unemployment and California leads the charge. Questions ? Oh Yeah !

What there hasn’t been any stimulus money sent out west ?

Well that’s not the case. Can we expect the same in other parts of the country ? Yes!

Arnold’s climate policies not producing a plethora of green jobs ?

Green jobs don’t happen overnight or because a politician says so. We probably ought to take the wake up call from California. Again the rest of the country offers up some proof that the green job revolution isn’t actually getting out of the starting gate in good order.I know in Mass. the governor aka Obama Lite has introduced some policies that are going to take a bite out of the wallet o’ many with little good coming from it.

Illegal immigration not affecting the economy ?

Well I’m not gonna harp on the greater issue. I will say that California is considering cleaning out it’s prisons of illegals in a cost saving effort. The plan calls for turning people over to the feds for deportation. Wow!



  1. rob says:

    “I will say that California is considering cleaning out it’s prisons of illegals in a cost saving effort.”

    That’s great in theory but they’ll only come back over the border.

  2. Alfie says:

    sadly the Feds, especially the current administration will choose not to deport and the people will be out on the streets .

  3. rob says:

    We’ve got the same problem in Europe with Pikeys and North Africans. They need to be immediately deported, without all the bullshit hearings and appeals, but no one is prepared to do that.

  4. steph says:

    @ Alfie & Rob

    I disagree, deporting illegal immigrants is fine but won’t stop them coming into the country, but deporting convicted criminals early in their sentence is a crazy idea. If someone is convicted of murder or rape they wouldn’t be released early partly because their victims deserve justice but mainly because the we know that they would be free to try and cross over the border within days of being deported. The same true with all criminals. The solution is to go the other route charge them with entering the country to carry out a criminal offence and lock them up for additional time.

  5. Alfie says:

    Of course you understand the populism behind the thinking that we’re spending money on people that shouldn’t even be here.

  6. steph says:

    I do, and I agree with deporting illegals who can’t support themselves, including asylum seekers, but not the early release of prisoners. I think Italy should apply article 41-bis to all illegal immigrants convicted of a serious crime.

  7. Alfie says:

    Well I think we’re actually in agreement for the most part. I wouldn’t advocate the release of violent criminals but the petty thieves and drug possession types are a waste of taxpayers money so let’s ID them down to their cells and boot them.
    As for 41 I like it ! Hell that’s what prison should be. I can so easily imagine the ACLU having seizures and strokes if we tried that here.

  8. steph says:

    Yeah, we do agree.

    41-bis is very contraversial but as an anti-mafia and anti-terrorist law, its appropriate. I would extend it to illegals who commit serious crime because of the international element. Where I have problems is when it is extended to Italian citizens not convicted of terrorism or organised crime. Until the Strasbourg ruling, they used to censor correspondence with lawyers. No attorney-client privilege. I’m sure that might upset the ACLU a little bit but the Italy doesn’t have capital punishment.

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