In2 Obama singlehandedly improves NYT circulation


Excellent piece at POLITICO looking at the new relationship between 1600 Penn. Ave and the folks at 620 8th Ave.

My take leans towards the right wing schiz stance. I truly believe the Obama Administration needs and desires the elitist crowd to move his agenda as much if not more than his YouTube Twitter minions. The former have more money and actual power. the latter gives him energy and noise but outside of the campaign are fairly useless if only for the danger of unpredictability.

So NYT penners are getting incredible access to the One and that clearly improves their circulation. Not paper sales, I mean they are all pitching wood from the ego Viagra that it all is. They feel important and empowered again. Refreshed from the barren days of the W administration. Unfortunately the elitist twits fail to see how they are pawns. The Obama administration is using them in what is otherwise viewed as a mutually beneficial relationship. I think O is solidly the biggest beneficiary.