In2 North Korea: STFU!!!!!!

On Saturday, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry threatened war on any country that dared to stop its ships on the high seas under the new sanctions approved by the U.N. Security Council on Friday as punishment for the North’s latest nuclear test.

I am so done with these tree bark eating fucks. If North Korea is so demented to think they can wage a nuclear war on the World so be it. Let’s irradiate these stupid fucks and be done with it.

Seriously though. We cannot tolerate being held up to any degree by the Pyongyang gang. My heart goes out to the diminished and demoralized masses of NK. These people are lost though to generations of isolation and propaganda. If the world is not willing to liberate and attempt to rehabilitate the North via a Kim assassination then we must be willing to bring peace to the peninsula via the glowing mushroom. You decide.

Some quick facts for the North korea crowd:

  • The USA does NOT have 1000 nukes in South Korea.
  • You cannot reach any of the nations that are going to stand tall on the sanctions.
  • North Korea will cease to exist after 3 or 4 warheads hit your country. That’s half a Trident D5. You’ll get the bonus plan baby.