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Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton

When troops returning from Iraq marched through Luton, all hell broke loose. Muslims protested, white residents rioted and the Sikh mayor was viciously attacked. Can this multicultural community ever find peace — or is this eruption of long-simmering tensions a sign of even worse to come?

That’s the header on a Times piece that actually resembles journalism on the matter. I invite people to read it HERE



  1. Elric66 says:

    “Can this multicultural community ever find peace”

    When one part of the community doesnt believe in “multiculturalism” and is growing rapidly; the answer is a resounding no.

    Nice puff piece BTW. I knew you would have to find one that blamed “whitey”.

  2. Alfie says:

    #1 You obviously didn’t read the article
    This is apparent from your thinking it’s a blame whitey thing.
    #2 I’m sharing not necessarily taking a side.
    Not my piece. I don’t write for the Times of London

  3. Elric66 says:

    “This is apparent from your thinking it’s a blame whitey thing.”

    Muslims protested, white residents rioted. Yeah its a blame whitey thing

    “Not my piece. I don’t write for the Times of London”

    No, you just picked that particular one

  4. Charlie says:

    I have to agree with Elric66 about the piece, terribly biased. It is typical of our left leaning media to try and justify and explain away anger public anger and discontent with multiculturalism, as racist or the product of the far right.

    The paper, the police and the media in general seem to portray this incident as white vs Muslim non whites but that wasn’t the case at all. The footage clearly showed all colours and creeds displaying their anger at these extremists during the parade; white, black, Asian etc. It was probably the most multicultural event to happen in Luton for ages.

    Another typical aspect of this is the ‘obvious presence’ of people like the BNP and NF, in other words racists, inciting the crowd. Ergo, there is no problem, just a bunch of racists sounding off, when that isn’t the case at all, it is just an excuse to dismiss discontent.

    Kevin Crompton from the council speculated that he had seen members of the far right moving among the crowd, judging from their style of dress and the prevalence of Union Jack and St George’s flags.

    So, the presence of national flags at a troop homecoming parade is completely out of place and evidence of far right racism? This is why people are getting so angry, their views are marginalised and explained away as just far right racism. Some of the people carrying those flags were black, that precludes them from being members of any far right group, so I guess it was just the white one’s then? Crazy.

    It was non white Muslims who drove them out of the town square recently, as they too had had enough of them. There was real anger, insults flying back and forthm fisticuffs and not a white face in sight.

    Another point was the continuous mention of the ‘large Muslim community’, in reality it stands at about 15%, 60% Christian and 15% atheists.  Yet Muslims are over represented on the local council, causing more problems among the other 85%. As for the Mayor, he may have been a Sikh and not a Muslim, but at the end of the day, white or black,  he has presided over the whole affair and therefore deserved a kick up the backside, just like the rest of the council, starting with Kevin Crompton.

    It is odd that they are looking for the person who threw bacon on the Muslims, as far as I know that it not really a crime, but some of the banners the ‘protesters’ held could be considered as to be inciting her Majesty’s army to revolt, a very serious crime which I believe carries a sentence of life imprisonment.

    Not to mention that advocating the overthrow of the British state through non democratic means is treason. Yet the police arrested none of them, treating them with kit gloves throughout, and despite knowing all of their names and addresses, have still not arrested them. Double standards once again.

    I guess it is different in America? But in Europe, as the recent Euro elections demonstrated, the wheels have fallen off the multicultural band wagon.

  5. Elric66 says:

    Thanks Charlie. Its different here but we arent far behind you. We are being Balkanized as well.

  6. Alfie says:

    A Sikh in a turban had been mistaken for a Muslim by a white youth too ignorant to know any better, and apparently too angry to express himself other than with a kick.

    You see I can relate to this. My best friend is Costa Rican. He has forever been called a spic by many a bigot. Post 9/11 he was attacked by a pair of white trash fuckheads who deemed him a Muslim.

    Everyone was blaming everyone else. The whites blamed the authorities for letting it happen and the police for not doing anything about it — why didn’t they arrest them? The moderate Muslims blamed the extremists, the extremists blamed the moderate Muslims for not having the courage of their convictions; the authorities blamed the media for its inflammatory coverage of the parade and the intemperate language it tended to use when writing about Muslims

    Which seems to gel with your point Charlie:

    The footage clearly showed all colours and creeds displaying their anger at these extremists during the parade; white, black, Asian etc. It was probably the most multicultural event to happen in Luton for ages.

    I can see where some find this offensive but it seems to highlight a degree of the journalistic integrity I thought was present in the article

    Of course, half the country was against the war in Iraq, white, Asian, black, Muslims, Christians alike.

    Then there is these

    There were a couple of white people with the Muslims and one or two Asians standing among the soldier-supporters. One told the crowd: “They’re not proper Muslims, they’re just troublemaking idiots!” He was applauded.
    But I was told he and his group were either banned or not welcome at most, if not all, of Luton’s 15 mosques.
    By now the ordinary Muslim community of Bury Park was beginning to fear the worst and fed up with Sayful Islam and his colleagues. First Sayful and then two others in his group were “slapped around” in Bury Park
    The Call To Islam mosque community decided to move them on, and “overwhelmed” the extremists right on the street outside Rani Fashions. The police were called, other locals gathered, some punches were thrown, the extremists dispersed, nobody was arrested or seriously hurt

    Charlie pick any one of the above as they seem to be in line with your:

    It was non white Muslims who drove them out of the town square recently, as they too had had enough of them. There was real anger, insults flying back and forth fisticuffs and not a white face in sight.

    All in all I thought the article allowed for people to think about a plethora of points.Such as the BNP heading towards legitimacy as opposed to the NF. Relations throughout. What people want from the law enforcement establishment. I also thought the article backed up a number of my previous assumptions and statements. The police indeed had to protect the minor collection of Islamist protesters. That the community actually has a number of people that are together on this. (meaning whites,muslims etc.) As for the over representation by Muslims on the council. my calculations show them at 23%. 11 out of 48 elected officials. I have no intention of researching the council election process any further. I dare say the folks should vote or STFU.

  7. rob says:

    @ Alfie

    According to the national census stats back in 2001, declared Muslims in Luton made up 14.6%
    and there was 7.2% refused to give religion (you didn’t have to answer). How many of those were Muslim is anyone’s guess but with high birth rates and immigration since 2001, Muslims will make up more than 23% of Luton. There were 14.1% “no religion” but less than 0.5 atheists. My guess is Christians are still over 50%.

    The Muslim extremist and moderate thing is a load of horseshit because how do you define an extremist is it someone who supports al-Qaeda or someone who supports hijab and Shariah courts? Protests against the troops are nothing new and you would always find more people ready to protest than comngratualte them. What have they done to congratulate? Trust me on this, Britain doesn’t go in for all that American flag waving bollocks unless their is a game of footie and then it’s the four nations because it’s only fascists who wave the Union flag around like demented monkeys at a tea party.

    The protest in Luton have to be seen in context. Like most places north of the Watford Gap, Luton is an absolute shit hole. Most the white people who live there, are working class, with no prospects, they hate the local Muslim community, which they see as belligerent liberty takers. This has been brewing for ages, the fascist came in and stoked it up. No surrender to al-Qaeda is a re-working of a Unionist slogan — no surrender to the IRA — Glasgow Ranger’s use it as one of their anti-Catholic chants. As far as they’re concerned all Catholics and Muslims are IRA or al-Qaeda.

    The anti-Muslim riots had fuck all to do with the troops, it was an Islamophobic and racist rally but a lot of people in Britain feel that way. There is also a lot of resentment towards the Poles and the pikeys.

  8. Elric66 says:

    Gee I wonder why Brits might feel a bit “islamophobic”

    Elric:you must tolerate link moderation just like everyone else.I don’t want tons of cut and paste on the thread.Also cut and paste without credit is dishonest,illegal etc.
    This is one free pass for example.
    Taliban fighter with Aston Villa tattoo found in Afghanistan,RAF reports hearing Midlands accents on radios.

  9. rob says:

    “The details of Aston Villa fans in the Taliban does not shock or surprise me.”

    Is does me, I can understand some British Pakistani Muslims joining up with the Taliban but there’s no excuse for being a Villa fan!

  10. Elric66 says:

    UK: Muslim cocktail waitress awarded $4,700 for being made to wear “indecent” dress

    edit…Let’s hope the bar appeals given the Facebook evidence. all in all though it’s really not worthy of your previous Muslim related comments Elric.
    Story link for interested parties here

  11. Elric66 says:

    ahhh but before one was allowed one free link to show the source, but alas no more.

  12. Alfie says:

    As noted on the front page of the blog. I’ve been experiencing some Akismet failures. I’m quick to get things out of moderation I don’t need ads for gold,porn and viagra littering the place. Don’t take it personal

  13. Elric66 says:

    Its what Spencer calls Stealth Jihad. Working through the backdoors, especially our courts. Appeals wont matter. Awhile ago, a British woman was sued because she didnt hire a muslim woman because she wore a headscarf. It was part of the hairdressers policy to have her employees wear some of the latest styles they do.

    muslims in the UK are truly treated as special citizens and its getting that way here. Like the meat packing incident.

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