In2 Blimey ! Will the expense scandals help the Tories



Plain and simple post here folks from a curious Yank.

Is this the final nail in the Brown/Labour coffin ?

Cabinet reshuffle coming,expense accounts excesses in a bad economy,and assorted other pratfalls from Gordon & Company has got to find Cameron smiling.



  1. steph says:

    This isn’t one thing Alfie, it’s a long succession of things starting with Iraq and ending in economic ruin. The fact that these greedy politicians have been fiddling their expenses is just adding insult to injury. This is isn’t helping the Tories though, they just as embroiled. We’re in uncharted water so it’s hard to know what will happen. Obviously Cameron will be the next prime minister but most of the current sitting MPs including many of his own won’t be re-elected. The government is in crisis, Parliament is in crisis, and the two main parties are in crisis.

  2. Alfie says:

    thanks for that on the ground analysis

  3. Charlie says:

    I don’t think Brown will still be PM after the Euro elections, the sharks are already circling in his own Government. I don’t think Cameron is going to come off much better, the big winners are going to be the fringe parties who I think in total will get more of the vote than the three big parties, but certainly better than Labour; no one trusts the current crop of MPs anymore.

    I also think that these Euro elections and the general election next year will see the biggest voter turnout in quite a while and be the biggest shake up in British politics for years.

    We’ll probably start adopting the American ways of doing things too, such as primaries, fixed terms, maybe even a different second chamber (Lords have recently been caught amending legislation for money too, but the expenses scandal has over shadowed it) and probably more.

  4. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    Brown is almost certain to loose a general election so he’s going to put that off as long as possible – he can only do that as leader of the Labour Party…

    The two present factors which are the most important are a. How badly the Labour Parties MPs think the local and euro elections are going to be for them and b. How badly those elections actually are for the Labour Party…

    Oh for the heady days of algebra…

    If the Labour Party is not as badly mauled as the [potential] rebels expect then they may rally round Brown. If the get mauled even worse than they expect they may become desperate to oust Brown…

    On the other hand if the Labour party gets what they expect then the party could split into factions too small to actually oust Brown…

    The one thing you can bank on is that Brown will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming so it’s going to be difficult to winkle the limpet from the political rock face… Other than that Brown was going to loose anyway before this fracas and so nothing much has changed unless the Labour Party gets a backbone and deals with Brown… and we won’t know that until the results are out – the local election results tomorrow and the euro results Sunday evening… so a two stage horror story is in the offing for, well, every major political party really…

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