In2 the Tiller & Naps report Fray


Back on 15 April I said this in a post titled In2 DHS Can’t fly without wings

I have reached the tipping point on the issue of the DHS report on right wing extremism. News outlets and bloggers alike have jumped all over this story and have made it into something it never should’ve had the potential to be. For those especially that are either crying foul from the right or smugly claiming victory from the left I just have to say I think you’re both wrong.

I have to reiterate it today but this time in context of the buzz over the killing of Dr. Tiller,and the applauds being sent Napolitano’s way.

This isn’t to detract from my previous support of two good posts over at In One Ear…

here and here



  1. Marc says:

    Ha, no detraction seen. The report is just basic due diligence for DHS, warning of a possible increase in right-wing extremism during a time of liberal governance. There were equivalent reports about liberal extremism when Bush took office. Never should of been news. That said, those that tried to waylay Napolitano for releasing made it an issue, one they were fundamentally wrong in attacking her for – in fact they should of been applauding DHS’s efforts to warn local law enforcement about threats to national security.

    All good, but like I said, routine, and should have never been a blow up.

  2. Elric66 says:

    Hmmm I guess it was a “right wing nut job” that killed this soldier too.

  3. Elric66 says:

    I guess I wasnt “islamophobic” enough. I thought he was some left wing antiwar nutjob.

    Funny thing is, if I came out and said he was a muslim, I would have been called a “phobe” 🙂

    Anyway, 2 incidences a week apart with muslim converts, what are the odds Fray? 🙂

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