In2 Franken my Dear Citizen I don’t give a damn


“Twelve thousand citizens who made good-faith efforts to vote were disenfranchised, with a variety of reasons,” Friedberg said.

Franken attorney Marc Elias argued that Coleman’s team had failed to show specific voters were disenfranchised.

“This isn’t evidence, this is an argument,” Elias said. Yahoo/AP

Is the party that supposedly cares about voters rights getting a little pissy over adding to 312 votes ? Is the party that once wanted the country to be able to move on now refusing to move on?

I don’t know which hypocrisy is more aggravating. 

I’m not from Mn. and had previously thought Coleman should just chill out and step aside. Now I’m thinking he should keep fighting. Was that the plan ?


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  1. Marc says:

    Clever headline:

    And to be honest, if Coleman is suffering it’s because legal representation is, well, a farce largely paid for by Sen. Cornyn to keep Franken out of the Senate.

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