In2 77 ways the Left will lose


White House advisers add that Obama will be pushed only so far to the left, and with good reason. Only 19 percent of Americans, after all, identify themselves as liberal, compared with 36 percent who say they are moderate and 41 percent who say they are conservative, according to the latest poll by Democracy Corps, a Democratic think tank.

I don’t know how that fits the bill regards the Obama is a Marxist crowd but I do like those numbers. The group that produced those digits have amongst it’s founders James Carville. I have to say that since the site for Democracy Corps. shows a malware warning on my computer so I obviously have no linkage for you. Go go Google to your hearts delight though.

The point is though any group he’d be home at has some credibility when it comes to admitting the 41% conservative number. I imagine the 36% moderate portion is something some on the Left would take solace from but I’m not buying it. 77% is a good pool to find resistance over the next couple of years and is a tell to exactly how Obama will suffer in the centrist mire and be 4 and out if he’s not artful and honest.

The Left has a big wish list and for the most part it’s a list that a majority of common sense common man Americans are not comfortable with. the dragons on the list won’t be easy for Obama to fight and as the days,yes days not months tick away he’s losing the chance to lance any let alone many of said dragons. These dragons will take some hits in the short run though and the change that brings to America may or may not be good. Sadly many times in politics minor successes are over hyped and folks move on to the next thing. The problem being of course the first thing isn’t finished and viola you get crapped on.

Oh well folks looks like the ride is going to stat to get rougher.



  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    The numbers look hopeful, but then I have to ask, “how did he get elected in the first place?” Hopefully people are paying more attention now than they did before they voted for him.

  2. Alfie says:

    MP you’re not the only one to ask that question. Truth be told though he won with a combination of things and folks on the Left and Right really need to come to grips with that.
    Apathy,partisan turnout,centrist platitudes empty of specifics,poor opposition and packaging,packaging,packaging. That’s how he got in,let’s hope people look twice next time.

  3. Marc says:

    My issue here Alfie is that conservative self-identification as “conservative” means about jack shit in terms of ideological unity. Within the conservative classification are the socially conservative Christian evangelists, the small government/small debt/small taxes libertarians, and the big military/national security hawks. Per Bush, it becomes obvious that while the big military and the Christian evangelists can work with each other, that combination generally means big, big government and lots of debt. At the same time, the libertarians have good arguments against big military and for a church/state divide.

    So, the label of “conservative” is defunct in terms of what it actually stands for.

    Being a liberal on the other hand, is a fairly united group.

  4. Alfie says:

    So, the label of “conservative” is defunct in terms of what it actually stands for.

    In a slight form of agreement I’d put it to you that in America “conservative” has never been singularly defined for any real length of time which creates all those divisions. The flip side being that “liberal” refers to the complete freaks of society.
    I’d say in this polling the 36% probably holds the new New Progressives as opposed to them living in the 19% and that in the 77% is really the swelling of an independent minded electorate that can for the most part swing either way. How’s that ?

  5. Marc says:

    Quite obviously I’m not sure about the “freaks” title, at least no more than it’s applied to Christian conservatives, Paulites etc…

    However, that we have a more independent minded electorate is definitely backed up by the polls.

  6. Alfie says: me if you’d rather and forgive me if I’m insulting you by not knowing the answer. Do you think the progressives are actually liberal by definition ? I put forth what I did not intending on calling the likes of you a freak. Cool ?

  7. Marc says:

    Ha ha, even if you had intended to call me a “freak,” I’m generally not so think skinned. But either way, I didn’t take it as an insult. No, my comment was more aimed towards my own instincts not to marginalize – which is in a way what calling someone a “freak” attempts to do. Which is why I said, they’re no more a freak then those on the far right. Anyways, by marginalizing any group all you do is minimize their presence in your own line of sight, blinding yourself to their actions. On the flip side, it doesn’t mean you should treat with respect opinions you know/believe to be wrong, if thats the case.

    Hence my tendency to not regard any one group as a “freak.”

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