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I’ve been critical of Colin Powell in the past and I’ve been given cause to revisit two previous posts to verify that truth.

From In2 Colin Powell 10.19.08

I don’t say he should have any Party loyalty. I am not voting for McCain, so how could I ? I just don’t like to see a degree of dishonesty on his behalf. I vividly remember his live interview from Jordan when some hack lackey cut off the visual after a hand grenade of a question was tossed. You could hear the S of S demanding the camera be brought back. That is something I’ll always admire of him. It is that honesty I’d have expected regarding any type of endorsement.

Who knows though. Perhaps Powell the valiant has only been thrust upon the sword again. He was sent to suffer before the world by W via the UN show. Perhaps his non campaigning endorsement is just another example of his naivety towards politicians.

and from Dear Democrats, Republicans, Americans… 10.24.08

In reverse order I think the RINO’s should be of no comfort to anyone. I don’t know if RINO’s have a comparable counter in the Dems “Blue Dogs” but I do know the one’s that have gone seem to be media whores. I know people will take exception to Powell being called a whore but I doubt his honesty now so it fits.

That was then and this is now ?

I don’t know. I know I’m insanely concerned about there being at least two party government in America so I think we all need the GOP to sort itself out. I see Powell being called out by the likes of Rove and Cheney and Powell standing up for himself. I see the likes of Newt Gingrich coming to Powells side and all in all I see a good thing. Does anyone else see that ?

Who said on “Meet the Press” that “I don’t want to pick a fight with Dick Cheney, but the fact is, the Republican party has to be a broad party that appeals across the country,” adding, “To be a national party, you have to have a big enough tent that you inevitably have fights inside the tent.” Newt via Politico

The Politico piece also touches on the whole Cheney v. Powell thing. I don’t know folks but this dust up may be far more important than the press cycle may present.


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  1. Curator says:

    “The Politico piece also touches on the whole Cheney v. Powell thing. I don’t know folks but this dust up may be far more important than the press cycle may present.”

    …and I hope Powell wins. I still clearly remember his defense on MTP, as a Republican, to decide to support Obama for President. I have never read a more clear, articulate, and well thought out reasoning to support one person over another for President, especially for a highly visible and respected Republican to vote for a Democrat. I don’t think is has happened in decades. Sure there have been party switches, but not this time. He is still a Republican, but he hit the nail on the head when he said “The GOP has narrowed”.

    “I truly believe that at this point in America’s history we need a president who will not just continue … basically the policies we have followed in recent years. We need a president with transformational qualities.”

    “For that reason, I will be voting for Barack Obama.”

    – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell

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