In2 What should we talk about ?


wondering-about-obama Well since I’m still determined to be all about politics it’s kind of a trick question. I will say this though. I’ve decided that there is absolutely nothing to lose in finally launching In2 the Frays that I should’ve long ago.

The first three out of the gate will be about Abortion,Israel and Racism.

In for a penny in for a pound.



  1. Marc says:

    Abortion – slowly becoming supplanted by gay marriage as the number one issue amongst Christians overly concerned with other people’s moral well-being. Partly stirred up by a series of polls indicating that American feelings on abortion are trending towards not supporting it – those polls being a little off because of their failure to provide any kind of context, but polls none the less.

    Israel – You have an Israel divided into a “We’ll never agree to a two-state solution” camp and a “we may agree to a two state solution, assuming Palestine gives up many of the basic functions of a state, like a military, a foreign service, border security, etc…” camp. You have a Palestine with two governments, one they can deal with but which is losing popularity due to Israel’s Gaza offensive, and another government they would never, ever, in a million year sit down with. Meanwhile, Israel is being more hostile than usual with Iran, and you have an Iran with a threatening Israel on one side and an implausibly nice US on the other side, wondering if the US may just piss down their backs and tell them it’s raining. Result, a schizophrenic reaction from Iran to all foreign policy outreach.

    Racism – still exists, still a hot topic, though much less so than it used to be. Mostly an overplayed topic amongst the media elites, and an under acknowledged one amongst the common people. The media, in all of its wisdom, is somehow able to contemplate for days about whether someone’s backhanded metaphor is a racist comment and misses racist activity, violence in the cities and in the countryside. Not saying it’s an epidemic, just saying it happens, and that when it does it’s misreported.

  2. The Red Pill says:

    Israel- If I’m not mistaken, a big part of the 2-state “solution” is that Jerusalem be the capital of Palestine. And that is just never going to happen.

    Maybe it’s time to make Jerusalem like the Vatican, and take it out of the equasion. Since neither side can agree as to who it belongs to, let it belong to nobody. Could make things easier.

  3. Alfie says:

    Hey ! Stop stealing my thunder. Ha

  4. Marc says:

    Actually the original British mandate for the division of Israel and Palestine had Palestine set up that way, with Jerusalem being a semi-autonomous zone and its own self-governance. During the Israeli War for Independence it got split in two, with Old Jerusalem remaining part of Jordan and the rest in Israel. Wasn’t until the 6 days war that Israel came to own Jerusalem outright.

  5. Elric66 says:

    “Alfie says. So sick of Jihad Watch snips on my blog I’ve decided to find the stories the snips are based on. In a full disclosure way JW and Elrics other fave Weasel Zippers make this easy as they almost always provide links.

    I discussed my situation with the head of a prominent Muslim women’s rights organization, who was understandably more concerned with the living conditions of the woman in question. She described the segregation of sexes as one of the worst examples of fundamentalist Islamic misinterpretation and dismissed the idea that my greeting could be construed as an offence.

    Keep smiling, keep saying hello, she advised. The successful cohesion of cultures requires concessions from both sides. Offence or not, I have continued to greet those I share a building with, although the couple next door continue living in reclusion.”

    Notice they never give examples, just platitudes and taqiyya. Kinda like the Thug in Chief. She scan your pork too Fray? 🙂

    Also kinda ironic she belongs to a prominent muslim women rights group. What say you Fray? 🙂

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