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Blue Dogs just humped my leg

I like Blue Dogs as a rule but this story just shows that even an old trusty dog can learn new bad tricks.

Overall, Blue Dogs submitted more than 2,500 individual earmarks totaling some $20 billion. That underscores the conflict between their eagerness to bring federal money home and the coalition’s criticism of the budget as laden with pork. full story

John “Herman Munster” Kerry makes me Laugh

Speaking about Iran,Obama and regime change being a thing of the past JFK the Lesser said:

“That is not the current policy of this new administration, and it is important for Iran to understand that,”  full story

That’s just too damn funny. He follows up with classic Kerryism prattling about the sanctions that don’t work and how we need to get some more sanctions going. That according to face man will at least make the regime change it’s mind. Ummm yeah sure John. Go back to PA.

Waxman says “Bend Over”!

Keen to pass an energy policy simply because Barack wants one Waxman is preparing to bend us all over. I think the thing that bothered me the most about this piece was how one could see that nobody seems to know what to write….they just know they have to pass something. I say how about passing on reaming the American rate/tax payer until you all figure it out.

I’ll tell you this here and now. Anything they pass will be laden with loopholes for many and a big ole noose for America. full story



  1. Marc says:

    Actually, Waxman has wanted an energy bill long before O was president. It was his argument when he was arguing for the chairmanship of the energy committee. Just saying.

  2. Alfie says:

    Marc I know a bit and hate alot about Waxie. Strictly speaking though no matter what he’s all about his current line is

    “The president says he wants legislation, he wants us to move as quickly as possible,” Waxman told reporters after the meeting. “We said we’re moving it this year and he didn’t object.”

    The rest of thearticle has some great jewels in it. Thx for stopping by

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