In2 The Media sucks, Hold the pickles…

No links here. No I won’t post the Andrea Mitchell youtube stupid fest either. I also won’t join forces with those bashing Obama/Biden’s trip to a burger joint,even if the joint in question is far from a joint. I will however tell anyone that cares the undeniable truths of the venture.

#1. The freakin guy has to eat.

#2. This was kind of stupid from a security standpoint. P & VP shouldn’t be together now that the campaigning is over. I know Obama likes campaigning and that he needs to keep Sir Gaffesalot on a shorter leash than Bo but really.

#3. Republicans went to a pizza joint,Obama did burgers. How is nobody catching that !

#4. Buying the press pool burgers. That’s gotta be a conflict -right ? Well maybe not. The MSM is sure serving up a number of enchanted shit burgers for all of us to eat the POTUS pretty much obligated to buy them some beef burgers.

#5. Those razzing Obama’s mad ordering skills. SHUT THE F$#@ UP !!!! He just ordered like a normal guy. People are so crazed to bash the guy they include his purveying a menu as worthy of taking a stand. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

#6. Last time I checked there were over 500 stories internationally on this lunch date. Again. You gotta be kidding me.

#7. Was the burger purchases part of the Stimulus Package ?



  1. The Red Pill says:

    The media is just giving the Obama-adoring masses what they want. All Obama, all the time.

    We hear about his dog. We hear about his evening walks with his wife. We hear about him eating lunch.

    It’s pretty sad when you compare those things to the Obama issues we don’t hear about from the MSM.

  2. Alfie says:

    So no’s 1,4&6 are good for you ? It is pretty disturbing that the press is so enchanted with him. Fox and Tapper may be exceptions with Jack being the better.

  3. The Red Pill says:

    I wasn’t condoning it. Just explaining it.

    Personally, I think the media/public infatuation with the Obamas is rediculous.

    I’m expecting to see his dog’s turds getting sold on eBay any day, now. In fact, that could be a good way to regenerate the TARP funds were are losing to Chrysler!

  4. Elric66 says:

    Uhh on number 5, the guy put grey pupon mustard on his burger. Thats not ordering like a normal guy. I know its not Wagu steak but come on.

  5. wickle says:

    2) Agreed. Do we really want to face President Pelosi b/c they had burger cravings?

    3) Surely you don’t expect consistency!

    4) I don’t know … Probably no more than letting them fly on AF One, which presumably has drinks and meals. Of course, that raises its own question. I would like to see any reporter/news agency take the position that it will take nothing, so that no one can say that it’s beholden to anyone.

    I won’t hold my breath, though.

    5) This is what I keep saying … Attacking him over stupid things (like asking if they have a spicy, or maybe dijon, mustard) is, well, stupid.

    While we’re at it, for those who say that this proves he isn’t a normal guy, I thought that only the Left engaged in class division fights. If the wrong mustard is an issue, then what isn’t?

    And why didn’t Hannity get all over him for ordering cheddar, rather than American, cheese?

    6) Uhh … yeah. I’m with you.

    7) :rimshot:

  6. Elric66 says:

    Why do you pseudo conservatives feel more compelled to attack talk radio than marxist politicians like Obama? Seriously

  7. Elric66 says:

    Obama is literally bullying the nation. Frankly, if that doesn’t make your blood boil while you’ve got tears in your eyes, then you should probably get your heart checked. 🙂

  8. wickle says:


    I don’t go to your blog, because I have no interest in talking to you.

    I no longer make you particularly welcome at my blog, for the same reason.

    I’m pretty sure that Alfie doesn’t wake up in the morning saying, “Gee, I hope that Elric and Wickle come to In2theFray and engage in a childish bicker-fest on my blog.”

    I don’t know what your pitiful obsession is with trying to get me to respond to you, but let me make it clear: It’s not going to happen. This is all you’re getting, an explanation that I’m not wasting any time on you.

  9. Elric66 says:

    “I don’t know what your pitiful obsession is with trying to get me to respond to you, but let me make it clear: It’s not going to happen. This is all you’re getting, an explanation that I’m not wasting any time on you.”

    LOL Too funny. I writing to you to tell you Im not going to waste my time writing to you. LOL Now go back to your obsession with the evil Rush. 🙂

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