In2 Haymarket,History and huh…


I am a big fan of history and I especially like it when one can see an evolution in a given area.

Today is the anniversary of the Haymarket Riot in Chicago. This major formative clash occurred Tuesday May 4th 1886. It is not the sunniest moment in our collective history and it has had an impact on America that is still with us today.

Through time people have built a memorial, blown up the memorial, placed a new memorial. The name of the event has also had some telling twists and turns. Riot,affair,tragedy and massacre. Studying the name and memorial matter one can see how the evolving society tweaks an event for it’s agenda.

The memorial was blown up by the Weathermen. Bill Ayers crew, so the conspiracy theorist in you may say “aha look at Obama and card check” or something like that. The reason being obvious-right ? The when’s and why’s of the attack are equally obvious.

The current memorial in my opinion is very pro-labor . I mean the working class masses as opposed to AFL/CIO. This fits in with the sanitization of socialism and communism which in some circles is a passionate science. You can call me crazy on that but it’s true.