In2 Specter of a coward…

Specter/spectre is another word for ghost. 

Well Arlen of PA is clearly a ghost in many ways.

He’s been invisible in many ways when it comes to his voting record. Of course if you take into account his personally stated views that wasn’t a bad thing. Hell maybe it wasn’t. 

He is still a misty coward though as he drifts to the (D)’s now. He didn’t have the balls to go the (I) route. He obviously hopes to walk through many walls in 2010 and clearly he hopes to have many of his words remain invisible come election time.

Remember this when he tells PA voters that a Senator belonging to the majority party is better for PA. Going the D route also helps him pursue committee positions with a bit more cred. The ghost will of course have to offer up what’s left of his soul so the new D overlords don’t feel the need to exorcise him. 

I actually wanted Specter to be beat in the election and go down the drain like the turd he is. No matter his party affiliation one can see right through Specter. He is a coward and shameless opportunist. He’s a liar. He’s a professional US Senator. 

Well for either a Dem challenger or a Republican one I hope the people make the right call. Who ya gonna call ?




  1. Elric66 says:

    Not surprised, good riddance.

    Though he should resign. Any politician that switches parties after being elected should resign as its not fair to the voters.

  2. Charlie says:

    Specter is the English (read British) version of the word spectre

    Isn’t that the other way round? I always thought that spectre was spelt ‘re’ here but ‘er’ in the US, like centre?

  3. wickle says:

    I have to look at this and say, “What? Specter’s a Democrat? How is that even news?”

    How long do you figure it will be before the ladies from Maine (Collins and Snowe) join him?

  4. Alfie says:

    Yeah I messed up in my haste to post. I changed it thx

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