In2 “The Handshake”

I have so much to do today I can’t even think of posting to the degree I hunger. Let me just say this though.

The hand shake between Obama and Chavez isn’t everything people are making it out to be. It is like many things that hit the wires a bit of column A and a bit of column B. Unfortunately especially in the American media you only get one column and even then it’s often times column C which invariably is about some celebrities actions etc.

The book that was given to Obama isn’t anything Obama hasn’t read before in some form. As liberal, a reader and someone that spent some time in academia it is absolutely impossible Barack failed to be exposed to the theme in the book Open Veins of Latin America (Deep Veins from other sources). It is sad though that reports of the titles new found success is lost on some Leftists. 

It is also lost in the discussions and praising of Obama’s new way that the Summit was essentially a flop if you measure success as actually addressing and achieving the goals of said summit. Only one that’s 1 nation signed the closing declaration and that was the host country T&T.

So bask in the “new” diplomacy of Obama or cheer the showmanship of Chavez. Elate over the pro Cuba rumblings being temporarily amplified. Do these things if you must but know Ye must also declare this a shame. Economic hopes for the desperately poor peoples of Latin America was completely bumped off the list and those nations and people will have to wait. Also know that the grandstands cheers have already bgun to be squashed before the Hyatts cleaning crew finished.

* Embargo a long way from being lifted. per Summers

* Multiple deflections of potential policy gains by Obama on Chavez.

* Chavez will or has already harpooned this in some way, we just haven’t heard it yet.

* and on and on and on. 

Well ,I really gotta run. Please feel free to add relative comments and I hope I’ve intrigued one or two people to come back and read the three follow ups to In2 “The Handshake”

 They include the taglines:

Latin American Relations/Cuba ?

No Win Situation

Penis Envy

Say what you like about my writing but at least one of those titles have got to raise some curiosity.



  1. Marc says:

    If it makes you feel any better, the actual T&T vote was apparently designed and the only real opposition to the resolution was out of the socialistas – Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia because they wanted to grandstand about a 40 year booting of Cuba from the OAS. It appears that there was some consensus on it outside of that.

  2. Elric66 says:

    Amazing. You will talk about the handshake, but not the back breaking bow to the Saudi king. Well, not that amazing really.

  3. Alfie says:

    Marc: The problem is there is no lack of better LA nations that feel the same way on the Cuba issue. The summit was a failure other than various PR points. I am not overly disappointed though since A. I don’t live in LA and B. I am the ultimate pessimist when it comes to summits etc.
    Elric. If Bo the Dog fails to answer what can I say ? The previous post was meant to be a bit o’ humor. I have touched on “the bow” elsewhere and may very well do so here. I personally find “the handshake” far more important.

  4. Elric66 says:

    “personally find “the handshake” far more important.”

    Yes, handshaking with a marxist thug is more more important than bowing to an islamic thug. With obama cowtowing to every despot on the planet, it is important to prioritize.

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