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If the diversity enforcers really believe that philanthropy should be color- or sex-coded, here’s a suggestion: go out, earn some money yourself, and show the world how philanthropy should be done. And in the meantime, don’t imply that the world has too much beauty and knowledge already. It doesn’t. It can always use more.

That’s the close of an excellent column by Heather MacDonald on philanthropy and PC morons assault upon it. Read it all at CityJournal


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  1. Marc says:

    As someone who works in non-profit fundraising that is the most ridiculous legislative push I’ve ever seen. You can’t dictate how people give away their money. Also, what the hell would this mean for foundations that aren’t social justice – Environmentalism suffers from not having a direct human demographic and frankly, not many black professionals who work for it. It’s not because we don’t try to be inclusive, it’s because the largely urban minority doesn’t have much environmental experience.

    Though, this in the article was a pointless and cheap shot,

    In other words, the diversity police, having helped bring on the subprime meltdown through mortgage-lending quotas, now want to fix philanthropy. And instead of rebuffing this power grab, the leaders in the field have rolled over and played dead.

    Can we just get over the “It’s all Fannie and Freddie’s diversity quotas which wrecked the housing market” excuse? It’s clearly a system wide failure.

    Alfie says…She is rather set in her ways but I hope not so much that it detracts too much from the argument at hand.
    I can’t imagine “outing” staff members against their will, or risking $$$ on some of this. I’ve seen shows,exhibits and educational opps that were open to all that were all about someone/thing forking over generous and blind cash. Anybody that would try to upset that cart is a moron imho.

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