In2 CNN Bagging Journalism…

This is just too f#$%ed up. I see that a ton of Lefty bloggers are patting themselves on their backs for dutifully watching the stories come in on the Tea Parties. I’m wondering if this is an example of the great journalism they base their critiques on.

video deleted by the humps 5/20/09

CNN is pathetic. The reporter is a tool. She struts around and spins the story to her agenda. She passes judgement on a common citizen who doesn’t get paid to have a microphone in his face. Any thoughts on why she picked a guy with a kid ? Her comment about how much Stimulus cash Illinois gets is equally lame. The guy cares more about his concerns for his kids future that WILL be hampered by the Stimulus as well as the 2010 Obama budget. By all means let’s not explore or confess to a minimal understanding of that truth though.

I think the real bagging that’s going on here is America into a trash bag.

Please note if the link box shows up on the video don’t click it. It’s somehow sends you to a vanity video of some HS football thing. I don’t know if that’s some new YouTube feature or what.


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  1. Elric66 says:

    And you wonder why I despise todays “progressive”.

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