In2 Mount Up :the week of the 8th…

Mount Up...the remnants of the Light Brigade
Mount Up...the remnants of the Light Brigade

What I’ll be blogging and living this week…

Obama & Steele: One mans man anothers nigger

I can’t be the only person get sick of the comparisons and partisan inspired bickering. I also can’t be the only guy seeing a certain double standard be put forth.

Biden channels Chamberlain

Appeasement and just totally flawed policy wonking. The Prez, the VP , Hillary and the special envoys. What the fuck is the policy again ?

The Gorillas in the Mist

Ladies and gents there is some real problems facing America that are being ignorantly ignored by everyone due to the pork/stimulus thing. I’m gonna share some of the bigger ones with you.

If TR was here today would the Left vote for him ?

Title says it all. I’ll back up my views though and repose the query.

Depression Timeline facts

Just finished a collection of essays regard the Depression and New Deal. I found the timeline synopsis enjoyable and timely for today.

Monroe isn’t dead

Saw an AlterNet piece stating it was. I’ll be offering the counter.


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  1. in2thefray says:

    Add this too.
    In2 the Sino-America Empire
    This is a tasty bit that may not show till the end of the week. Bottom line if the global climate change cabal gets their biggest dream fulfilled ie US China cooperation on CC could it mean the globe will in turn be under a new all powerful dual thumb empire.

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