In2 the miracle on the Hudson Fray…


The big feel good story that a ton of different people are trying to put legs on. Let me blog the truth on the US Air splash down in the Hudson.

#1. There are no limit of people calling the pilot a hero and proclaiming the excellence of all involved. Passengers,crews, 911 responders and on and on. REALITY CHECK: They all did their job. Perhaps thats the cause of surprise. We Americans have all gotten accustomed to slacking we’re shocked when someone does what they were supposed to do.

#2. REALITY CHECK: The lawsuits. C’mon people you know the sharks are in the Hudson baby and someone is going to sue. Will the broadcasters and bloggers be singing America’s praises then ?

#3. Jihadist Geese ? I just about fell on my ass laughing when I saw this: The Department of Homeland Security has said there was no suggestion that the incident was security related. 

Lalalala Allah Achbar I stuff the goose in the engine of infidel transgression

#4. I’ve heard a right of center radio guy try to make the case that the media will damn the pilot if they find anything in his military record. I sat in the parking lot for two whole minutes pondering ripping the radio out of the dash last night over that. REALITY CHECK: The O’s coronation will trump anything that grows out of this story and something will have to be earth shattering before Tuesday to allow this feel good story have any legs in any direction. This was a splash in more ways than one. Nothing more nothing less.



  1. Marc says:

    To be fair I think that the pilot’s “job” is landing the plane on a runway, and his “oh shit what am I gonna do the plane is going down and there’s nowhere to land but the Hudson river” job is what he did, but he still flew a plane with no power into a river (and the Hudson river has more damn bridges and piers in that stretch than anywhere else in the country, difficult when you’re traveling a few hundred miles an hour) with absolutely zero injuries. Other pilots have worse situations regularly with much worse results, so I think he’s to be commended.

    On the other hand, this was hilarious:

    “Lalalala Allah Achbar I stuff the goose in the engine of infidel transgression”

  2. Alfie says:

    commended yeah held up like JTP NO but thanks for adding your thoughts to my incomplete rant

  3. wickle says:

    I don’t know … I do think that if, when push comes to shove, your job calls for heroism, you still get credit.

    Maybe it’s been over the top … Not having TV, I miss a lot of hysteria, and I took Friday off from talk radio.

    The prediction about the pilot’s military record bothers me … I hate the hypotheticals that people (usually on the Right) bring up so often, such as that.

    Sadly, you’re probably right about lawsuits.

    You know, though, if the US can use squirrels to spy on Iran, why couldn’t al-Qaeda use geese to attack airliners? I seem to think I remember hearing a story about remote-controlling pigeons out of China a few years ago … I’ll have to find that.

  4. Randy says:

    Re: the lawsuits, unfortunately, I agree with you. Re: the “hero” status. It bothers me a lot that the pilot is being heralded so quickly. I hope we’re hearing all that there is to hear.

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