A.P.E.S.Notes:Testimonial to Stupidity

APES.jpeg I saw the headline and didn’t believe it. I looked into it and have found a number of credible media entities have carried the story as opposed to the psycho blogs. Barack Hussein Obama Elementary School….

I’m sorry but this is either the ultimate example of premature ejaculation or proof of how pathetic the American Public Education System is.

There is a school ,the Ludlum Elementary on the island of Long NY that has decided to change it’s name. The school which is predominantly Hispanic & black in makeup allowed the students to choose the name. (yeah right)

Anyway this school of underperformance is going to go ahead with new name related signage and stationary changes that’ll cost the taxpayer thousands and will surely go into the history books as being the first of many BHO memorials ala JFK.