I am going to the beach and I am facing a busy weekend so I’m purging the notepad today.


AsiaTimes is located in my sidebar because they serve as a source of some interesting perspectives. In a recent article regarding the big bad Americans and our new interest in the former Soviet Republics I was moved to laugh out loud. The author really hates the idea of the US and NATO engaging sovereign nations. The author doesn’t put it that way he likes embracing the theme that we’re threatening Russia.

The Russians are conducting war games on a larger scale in the same area.

Aryan Zoo ?

First there was Knut the polar bear now there are seven white lions in a German safari park. On a serious and personal note I like zoos for the reason that they can play a role in supporting wildlife. Especially important in my opinion is allowing humans to see the wildlife and connect with it. I think this helps people understand the need for some self sacrifice for the future benefit of the wildlife.

Got Thumbs ?

The driver said she had noticed a koala on the road but drove on when she failed to see anything in her rear view mirror.
A koala has survived being hit by a car and then dragged for several miles with its head stuck in the vehicle’s front grill, officials in Australia say.BBC

bold mine to ask the following. Isn’t that what should’ve caused you to stop ?

I don’t always hate the Obama man

It was just over a year ago that I said…

So Obama is articulate but not informed. I’m thinking that means fully indoctrinated in keeping 21st Century Americans in a 19th Century education system and obeying the unions teachings.

I give B.O. the following grades. A for effort, A for conduct becoming a free thinker and A for having an idea the Dems need to learn.

If you’re curious click here to see what else I said and why.

Some things in the neighborhood I’ve liked this week

The Indictment of the ICC. Steph shows off her edginess with a piece on something a lot of people didn’t hear or care about.

Bruisin’ News Cruisin’ Ric recaps two that hit “home”

A number of the posts at outtheotherear “new to the WPBA

Clowns to the left jokers to the right…. I thought this title was going somewhere else but the post was interesting and a bit of a surprise. The info being the surprise.

And one of my own that got some comments here

So pass the tanning butter and put another steak on the grill ‘cuz the weekend is here. See ya Monday folks……



  1. Enjoy your time at the beach.

  2. Have fun at the beach! 🙂 I’ll be there, too. (Cape! Cape!)

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    Watch out for jellyfish and obese thong wearers!

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