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Biofuels May Be Even Worse than First Thought

An internal report put together by the World Bank and leaked to the Guardian claims that biofuels may be responsible for up to 75 percent of recent rises in food prices. Even environmental groups haven’t gone that far in their estimates. Speigel

Who runs the world?

Wrestling for influence

Might the world be better managed by such a G13? Or a G15 or G16, to include a couple of weighty Islamic states too? Or, to preserve the group’s original globe-steering purpose, by a G12 of the world’s biggest economies? Meanwhile, the global institutions set up after the second world war are also having to look hard at their own futures. Unlike the G7/8, which takes on a bit of everything, these institutions basically divide into two sorts: economic and financial, and political. Economist

Barack Obama ;Where’s Whitey

White males the dominant fixture in the electorate and per some the bane to mankind are missing on the Obama site. The real point of this entry is to point out to the Obamamanics the hypocrisy of their messiah’s unity message whence on his own site-his very platform he divides.HERE

Iraq Oil and BIG Oil

Shut the fuck up all you BDS ,”war for oil” douche bags. Olbermann,Air America and the entire left of the blogosphere. The Iraqi government will reach a position that allows for the people to benefit from the big black asset under their feet. The biggest hang up right now is NOT Exxon Mobil et al but the Iraqis themselves.The tripartisan division of the populace and the fact that only two of the groups actually “control” oil is a problem,but not one they won’t work out. To Olbermann and the TP crowd especially. It isn’t only American oil companies involved in the deals.

Amid concerns about foreign firms reaping huge financial rewards, Baghdad said the successful firms would have to have an Iraqi partner and give 25% of the value of contracts to locally owned firms.

Iran “controlling” things in the region ?

Interesting article here. Is Iran controlling the H&H guys for the mutual benefit of themselves and the West ?

Of course one cannot simplify matters to say that Sayyed Nasrallah did this out of concern for Lebanon; the issue is bigger than that. Nasrallah’s enforced calm cannot be isolated from the general calm that Iran is spreading throughout the region. To make matters clearer, separate statements must be read within the same context.

For both sides but mostly for Obama’s fans…

All those that think the next Prez is going to solve all the problems and be the super duper ray of sunshine.

So here’s some straight talk about change we can believe in. Most of the promises that Obama and McCain are making about the economy will founder on the shoals of a Congress unwilling to be a rubber stamp, organized industry opposition, unanticipated events, budget realities, and changes in the macroeconomic climate. Slate

Some More Friends of Obama…

Obama’s Boys of Summer
A Who’s Who of 1968 radicals supports the candidate.

Go Here

Calling All the Phobes…

Yeah bottom of the post but I gotta take a swing at the right side of the blogosphere. All the people eating up the lies about the flight 93 memorial in PA being a Muslim beacon or something like it.Cut it out. The Muslim points have all been debunked. The memorial will be much like most memorials a waste of money and an overall lost gesture. I will specifically ask people to remember the bad air surrounding the Vietnam Memorial.Underground,black and designed by an Asian. Mean anything to anyone ? Anyway back to PA the “crescent” isn’t. The hijackers don’t get a tree and the designer is a Caucasian non Muslim from Cali.

All those in a huff about the British students getting disciplined over the not praying to Allah thing. You have a minimal point. You get to go rabid if the school fails to uphold it’s policies and the governments official position on teaching RE (Religious Education) I think it worthy to note that Britain has a pretty extensive curriculum one many Americans would scream for,for and against. Get all the info before you start calling for the end of British civilization though o.k.


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    Who would have thought that sticking corn in out minivans would increase the cost of food? We need to find out how to make fuel using faberge eggs. No one would miss those.

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