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This is the biggest desktop clearing,mind cleansing and time freeing post I’ve ever undertaken.I’m off for a while. I’ll be in and out. Let’s jump-In2thefray.

Dhimmi? Dummy ? Thinker ! “Headlines”. Where’s the Outrage ??

It may be out there on the wires and in the blogs. I’m just throwing this out there as a point. It’s not Muslim so does it raise the same ire ?

US President George W. Bush, center, stands with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, right, and Israel’s President Shimon Peres as they listen to an Israeli girls choir sing in the Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem AP photo

Immigration…What state wants Deval ?

I’m giving him away. I’m even willing to smuggle him in coyote style to any sstate other than where he’s killing me. “Together We Can” was his tag line during his campaign and right now that seems to mean the following. Together we can ignore the wishes of the people and their elected officials and offer in state college tuition to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yes it seems Deval wants to join the other 10 states that offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens ( California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington). A guy from New Hampshire or a lady from Rhode Island who works in MA. can’t get this deal but a criminal can. Makes me proud to be from the Bay State.

Gov. Deval Patrick is seeking to do an end-run around Beacon Hill lawmakers to offer in-state college tuition breaks to illegal immigrants, setting up a potential clash with the Legislature, which shot down a similar plan in 2006. Boston Herald story

The Grass isn’t always greener (on the other side of the Pond)

Since cannabis was downgraded from a Class B to a Class C drug, the number of adults being treated in hospitals and clinics in England for its effects has risen to more than 16,500 a year. In addition, the number of children needing medical attention after smoking the drug has risen to more than 9,200.

Doctors say cannabis abuse can contribute to a series of mental health problems

Almost 500 adults and children are treated in hospitals and clinics every week for the effects of cannabis.

Its health toll is revealed in official data compiled by health authorities and obtained by The Daily Telegraph.

This absolutely doesn’t apply to us in the USA. Bwah bwah bwah…

The Nanny of London…

All of old Blighty it would seem. I’ve enjoyed the works of Dalrymple (and others) as much of what is said has been personally experienced by me. I’ve been to England and there was a definite grayness to it. It went beyond the to be expected aspects of urban areas etc. There was something that really gnawed at me when I was there. In pursuing the matter I keep coming back to the policies of government after government. To be the fair Anglophile I’ve seen signs of this grayness here in America as well. It seems to be a nasty dinge that shadows the soul.

For millions of its inhabitants, Britain is a failing state. It assumes responsibility for education and health care without regard for results; and it fails in its most basic duty, to ensure that its inhabitants can go about their business with reasonable security.

A recent incident—the assault of a 96-year-old man—has brought home to the British public just how little it can rely on the state for protection. The assailant, 44, was frustrated that the elderly man was in his way as he tried to board a train. Shouting “You bastard!,” he punched the man in the face, blinding him in one eye. The attack occurred in full view of many other passengers, and a closed-circuit television camera captured it as well. CJ

And this.

Indeed, there may never have been such an enslaved generation, in thrall to hang-ups, taboos, restrictions and oppressions unknown to their ancestors (to say nothing of being neck-deep in debt, thanks to a moneylender’s economy).
We were freer by far 50 years ago – yes, even with conscription, censorship, direction of labour, rationing, and shortages of everything that nowadays is regarded as essential to enjoyment.
We still had liberty beyond modern understanding because we had other freedoms, the really important ones, that are denied to the youth of today.
We could say what we liked; they can’t. We were not subject to the aggressive pressure of specialinterest minority groups; they are. We had no worries about race or sexual orientation; they have. We could, and did, differ from fashionable opinion with impunity, and would have laughed PC to scorn, had our society been weak and stupid enough to let it exist.
We had available to us an education system, public and private, that was the envy of the world. We had little reason to fear being mugged or raped (killed in war, maybe, but that was an acceptable hazard).
Our children could play in street and country in safety. We had few problems with bullies because society knew how to deal with bullying and was not afraid to punish it in ways that would send today’s progressives into hysterics.
We did not know the stifling tyranny of a liberal establishment, determined to impose its views, and beginning to resemble George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.
Above all, we knew who we were and we lived in the knowledge that certain values and standards held true, and that our country, with all its faults and need for reforms, was sound at heart.
Not any more. I find it difficult to identify a time when the country was as badly governed as it has been in the past 50 years. Daily Mail

Sesame Street a Dead End ?

I remember the street of my childhood. It was entertainment on a rainy day , it was a show “just for me” it was a lot of things. It was never my babysitter or sole source of education. It was also never meant as the source of my moral/social code. I say all this because with the release of the early episodes on DVD the likers of the St. are presented with a disgusting twist. The people think the Sesame Street of yore is inappropriate for today’s children.

The vintage Sesame Street characters couldn’t make on T.V. today, she argues. Just look at Oscar the Grouch, a fellow who lives in a garbage, gets no help with his obvious emotional problems and shows no ambition to better his station in life. Gone, also, are the parodies of PBS programing and scenes of puppets smoking pipes.

And then there’s the question of pacing. Heffernan points to what now feels like an interminable bit about the origins of milk. “Was life just as such a slower pace that this made sense to preschoolers and adults?” she says. Maybe so. NPR

I personally think the values of the past were pretty good. I also wait eagerly for the report on how all these kids today with ADHD etc. can trace there issues to being placed in front of Elmo and the new Street menu of PC watered down nonsense.

I say C is for COOKIE and the COOKIE Monster should have all he wants. My childrens real world diet is not dictated by pretend world characters. Oscar is a grouch. That’s the freakin point of the character ! I can’t believe the thought of this drives me so crazy. Let’s turn right and drive away this neighborhood is nuts.

The Potential of Global Warming and Climate Change …

I tell you what I saw this Day by Day strip the same day I opened up a statement from my mutual fund company. They were proudly announcing the burgeoning potential of investment opportunities related to the GW/CC scam er I mean crisis. Yeah that’s the ticket,the stock ticket that is.


Ron Paulholics are Funny…

I won’t do a disservice to the poor sods that worship this guy and buy into all the alternative press and polling stories by linking to any of them.I will say this though to those upset about the media blackout of Paul and a lesser degree Kucinich. The world according to you all is that RP is the man ! He is well known and well thought of. He wins all the polls and blah blah blah. He’s got nothing but your (or someones money [allegedly]) . It’s gonna be a hell of a hang over for these people. Paulholics rehab will likely not be covered by universal healthcare, but Ron would want it that way.

And if you made it all the way down here… Some Pingage

Abortion,choice etc.Discussion Capital Punishment Presidential Debates are Useless ?!

Clinton Movie banned NH vote counting in ? Infantcide Games (china)



  1. Good post. But I should warn you, I am a Ron Paul supporter. My second choice is Thompson.

  2. ChenZhen says:

    Ever wonder how many versions of the same suit GWB has?

  3. Daniel Downs says:

    ChenZhen, he has two, but he does have a lot of white shirts.
    I wouldn’t call myself a Paulholic, but I too support him. His ideas seem goofy because they are strictly old-fashioned Constitutional adherent ones. He out-of-touch with urban politics because he believes making new rights and laws beyond the written Constitution should be by amendments and not by cleaver arguments and whims of pandering to special interest demands/needs…. Besides Paul isn’t against universal health care as long as it determined universally by state legislatures not Congress. Gimme that ole’ fashion rule of law any day and especially on Nov.8, 2008.

  4. Angel says:

    hi buddy ..great the trackback but not sure if u linked to me anywhere..haha
    have a great weekend and stay optimistic eh!! 🙂

  5. in2thefray says:

    @TT No warning needed.I don’t see you as the YouTuber conspiracy type and you have a second choice which shows a reasoning thing. I also respect you so no worries.
    @CZ I’ve always thought there must be an Oval office collection. Kind of like Garanimals for Presidents. Lest I allow partisanship Bubba C had a fairly narrow color palette.
    @Daniel,same as @ TT. My universal healthcare remark was meant as poli-humor more than anything else.
    @Angel; Capital Punishment is yours,and no I didn’t trackback it’s unilateral ping love HAGWE.

  6. Elric66 says:

    Im more outraged Bush thinks the Palis deserve a statehood and that Islam is a great religion. I guess terrorism does pay.

  7. arclightzero says:

    Thanks for the link and the tidbit about pot smoking! It is actually very relevant to another conversation/argument that I have been having regarding legalizing pot.

    As for the Sesame Street thing, I agree. I am saddened that something that I grew up on is coming under fire like this. I would like to think that I grew up all right and I watched it pretty religiously as a tot. I would reckon that you and I are pretty close in age, so I think that we see eye-to-eye on this and I think we bother turned out to be pretty decent people despite being exposed to the horrors of PBS children’s broadcasting.

  8. Angel says:

    ah cool!..ty for the mention and hope youre having an awesome weekend my friend~!:)

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