Dhimmi ? Dummy ? Thinker ! That’s a Riot: Part 1…

rodin_thinker_detail.jpgI want to open this entry with the following. Islamofacism,extremism, and a ton of other violent isms that do a disservice to mankind are a reality. You can hate the titles- it’s still real. Islamophobia, “chicken little” and “the boy that cried wolf” are also realities. Again you can disagree with this but these are also very real. The disservice to humanity angle is in play in these latter ones. I would also like to say that the titling of this post is not meant to belittle the hardship experienced by the French public and it’s police and firefighters. It is about thinking and talking and understanding.

The recent riots in France have steadily been shouted as “Muslim”. This is generally based on a number of facts but the labeling is meant as sensationalist fear mongering. The social conditions and a number of other circumstances have allowed for the riots to occur. The fact that the population in the area is predominantly Muslim isn’t truly causative and the riots are not jihad for Islam as much as they are criminal actions. Again, the next post will lay that out but I have to reiterate that I don’t excuse violence.
Anyway I have been working on a post. It actually has found me dabbling into some actual citizen journalism. Due to the amount of information I’m wading through in addition to my duties in the real world I have been forced to delay the posting of said piece. I want to touch on somethings a bit though going into the weekend.

I have a regular commenter who left this:

You will see Muslim riots soon enough just like in Europe. Most likely in the Dearbornistan region. You know, the same place that marches for Hezbollah and uses public money for Muslim footbaths.-Elric 66. A comment on this thread.

I just have to say….NO. No the Dearborn area has somethings the environs of Paris do not. It has somethings the various areas in the M.E. don’t have. It definitely has somethings Brussels London, and other European cities don’t have.

Those things are the rule of law. All those places have law for sure but I mean the actual desire to uphold it isn’t lacking here. Dearborn has a community that is actually benefiting from the influx of business in the area. The elements of this influx isn’t entirely Muslim by the way.

As for the foot bath thing. I don’t live in Michigan and I’m not currently enrolled in any of the very few schools installing foot baths. I would if I met those two requirements do what I’ll advise others to do. Respectfully use said foot baths if you need and or desire too. Long basketball practice,hard messy run across the quad ? Lather up but much like the public sinks or toilets leave it in good stead for the next user.

Whether you think you see jihad coming down your street or you have no freaking idea what you see know this. Take a look,ask questions and figure it out before you start typing or screaming. The same holds true to those who don’t have a clue why people are concerned about some of the things they see happening in the world via the news or in their own neighborhoods.

On a side note consistent with the DDT series. I wonder what the vibe would be on the net if everywhere one sees Polish in this article one saw Arab,Muslim,Laotian etc. ? Have a good weekend.

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  1. ChenZhen says:

    I was thinking about doing some citizen journailsm myself when the Larry Craig story broke (not what you might think), but its pretty time consuming as it turns out. Good for you though.

    Anyway, as for Elric 66, I’m pretty sure that I recognise the nic and rhetoric from LGF. So much doom and gloom and hysteria.

  2. in2thefray says:

    CZ thanks for stopping by. BTW Minn. falling bridges,bursting pipelines what’s up with that ? I think the gov there will be left out of the convention now. hagwe

  3. TRM says:

    I am sure I will be safe in stating that you will never, ever see a muslim riot in my neck of the woods.

  4. Elric66 says:

    “The recent riots in France have steadily been shouted as “Muslim”.”

    By who? The media has went out of its way to label them as “youth”

  5. Elric66 says:

    “No the Dearborn area has somethings the environs of Paris do not. ”

    What would that be? Hezbollah parades? Thats true. I havent seen Hezbollah parades in Paris just like in Dearbornistan.

  6. in2thefray says:

    There are a number of media outlets that added Muslim as a defining adjective in their reporting. Then of course the blogoshere. As for the Hezbollah parade. Toronto,Boston and NYC all had them too. They were for the most part anti zionist parades that captured on the spirit of anti Israeli sentiment given the incursion into S.Lebanon. The fact that communist,islamist and anti war leftist Americans banded together for exposure is a fact. I touched upon this before. In this age demonstrations are always infiltrated and co mingled by other elements. In all the cases mentioned law enforcement took note and like it or not the assembly was legal. I’m just dealing in truth here not emotion.

  7. Elric66 says:

    What media outlets? I know the blogs have because they are more honest than the MSM.

    I also dont deny the far left have allied with Islam, I have stated this before. They are almost as much a danger as Islam.

  8. Elric66 says:

    Hague: New committee demands respect for Islam


    The committee will check if the statement by PVV leader Geert Wilders about Islam can be legally challenged. “Respect for you and me” also intends to fight against insulting statements for Muslims by other people.

    Be very afraid

  9. in2thefray says:

    Not a big fan of the Hague,the ICC,the EU. The thing is giving up their sovereignty isn’t the fault of the Muslims. I think the people should defend their free speech. If he is so bad he’ll not be reelected. Conversely those that deny demonstrations that they don’t like should also not get reelected. Lastly, not all speech is free. Along those lines I’ve always felt that the people holding the death threat signs should face prosecution. I also have felt just going to your church,temple and yes mosque isn’t a crime.You see I work both ways.

  10. Elric66 says:

    Is it entirely the fault of Muslims? No. But just because you are given the opportunity to do something bad, doesnt mean you have to.

    You also have to remember that a lot of these people arent in electible positions. Its actually pretty damn scary what Europe turned into. Thats one reason why I dont see ever a peaceful solution for Europe. The people really dont have a say in what their leaders do. As the Muslim population grows, the natives will grow more restless until they will have to take up arms to reclaim their native homeland.

    Well if you read the other article I posted, well you will see a mosque is a crime. Or more specifically, an act of war.

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