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It is born ! DDT the series that continues my critical thinking on the subject of Common Sense and Islamophobia. It’s lineage includes the following:


There was a post at LGF that was about a cartoon. The desired path of discussion was how the ME is head up ass backwards re: 9/11. This is the first offering in this series. The cartoon in question was in Arab News.


Call me crazy but I’m with some of the other LGF commenters. (the comments ran the gambit) The reality is the ME did loose something on that day. The whole world did. Think about. The Middle East peace plan. Gone ! Being Arabic looking & trying to take a flight. Gone ! Feeling shame that this happened due to people from your homelands, check. The celebratory a-holes are just that so they don’t get counted -remember there was many in the ME that were horrified re: 9/11.

Critical Review Time

I’m no art critic but I don’t see anything offensive here. The other memorial pictures are there. They all wear a black ribbon of mourning. Why is the ME image visible ? It’s focusing on the subject. It is not saying the ME is the only victim,the “true victim”. It’s just using easily understood techniques to make a point. Think

I will say this also though. My curiosity was peaked so I went to Arab News.com. I found the image the day I went far more worthy of a little ire. In the spirit of call it what it is when ya see it let’s review that one.


We’ll just go straight to the points. This toon is historically inaccurate. Although editorially one could take the “save the Iraqis” comment as true under no circumstance do I see the US begging any one to save them. The artistic perspective of the soldier ie fat ass is imo most likely a perspective thing. Could it be a dig mmm IDK. One thing I think the viewer is supposed to get though. The soldier is labeled USA meaning the country not necessarily the military. He is also straddled with technology and arms etc. This is clearly a dig at the super power status vs the insurgents etc. East v West This cartoon imo is worthy of the ire aimed at the other one. It is negative and anti American. It is untruthful and offers little.

Cartoons seem all the rage in the East vs West thing. Cartoons are a great art form. they can make one laugh,scream and of course…Think

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  1. Dhimmi4Jesus says:

    “Call me crazy but I’m with some of the other LGF commenters. (the comments ran the gambit) The reality is the ME did loose something on that day. The whole world did. Think about. The Middle East peace plan. Gone ! Being Arabic looking & trying to take a flight. Gone !”

    Arabs cant take flights now?????????

    The Palis electing a terror group destroyed the ME peace plan.

    All 9-11 did was wake up the world to a war thats been raged for 1400 years.

    As for these cartoons, they can be offensive, but Im not a Muslim, Im not going to seeth and damand the artist and paper be charged and/or executed over them.

  2. in2thefray says:

    Arabs face heightened security. In most cases this is logical. There are however cases where seven year olds are getting reamed by TSA secondary to a name. My position is and has been that there is no security if we abandon common sense.
    The ME peace plan specifically the “Road Map” was sidelined secondary to WH need to address the wars the US entered and to stay consistent w/ GWOT positions. The elections although not “popular” with the Admin. were nonetheless legit.
    9/11 wasn’t the wake up call. The call came much earlier. It is inaccurate IMO to state 1400 years. This is a 20th century thing. The irony is it was kept down so well before. Caged beasts when finally loose are quite wild.
    Comments are welcomed but the server is facing maintenance today so whether things post or not is beyond my control. I’d also like to hear if you have anything post specific to say.

  3. Dhimmi4Jesus says:

    Forgive me if I dont feel sorry that Arabs face heightened security. The nature of the enemy is Islam and thats where the focus should be. Contrary to what Eagle said, I never said that every Muslim is evil and/or a terrorist. He is a liar and he knows it. I asked him time and time to quote me and he ignores my request and keeps up with the same lies. Anyway, the enemy we face does believe in Islam so naturally anyone who practices the faith should expect extra scrutiny. If they dont like it, well reform Islam and it will go away.

    I never said the Pali elections were not legit. Just because they voted for a terror group doesnt mean we have to support the Palis. We dont need to creat another Islamic terror state.

    You are coorect, its a 20th/21st century thing. But when the enemy justifies its actions going back 1400 years, it does make it 1400 year war. I might have to reconcider the wake up call since it hasnt woke up the West. It will take something much more horrific IMO.

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