A.P.E.S. Notes for August 8th 2007…

‘An American failure’

But this failure is not just Detroit’s failure. It is an American failure. When American children are being cheated out of the education needed to succeed and an American city is allowed to decline while its leaders refuse to confront the failure, it should concern every American.

This human tragedy extends well beyond the schools. The New York Times reported that an African-American male who drops out of high school faces a 72 percent unemployment rate in his 20s and a 60 percent possibility of going to jail by his mid-30s. The Detroit bureaucracy now presides over a school system whose black male students are more likely to go to jail than go to college. full article

The truth hurts. The American Public Education System is broken. Will we have the guts to fix it ? Why do we put up with it ? how did it come to this ?



  1. Short answer. No. The unions won’t let us.

  2. Angel says:

    Gee maybe the black community should actually introspect at their subculture..naw just blame America!..pfftt!

  3. arclightzero says:

    You’re right. The biggest problem facing the American education system right now is the unions. As long as they hold the cards there’s nothing much that can be changed or improved upon. I think that the unions stand to drive the education system into the ground in the same way they did the auto and aviation industries.

    I have talked to educators on several occasions regarding this, and it’s sad because the biggest obstacle we face is fear. So many teachers are conditioned to believe that they cannot survive without the union and they believe it. They are terrified of the “real world” without the union’s protection… Presumably where they would have to actually be evaluated on their performance. Either way, it’s quite a pickle we’ve found ourselves in. Whoever thought it was a good idea to unionize public servants ought to be slapped.

  4. in2thefray says:

    Thanx all…Unions Yes ! Not. They kill the good teachers with the system they foster. The teachers get beaten down but pull a pension. The kids loose. The cities are hit hard. ultimately the lower $$ areas white,, black, or whatever get dinged. It’s the American Public Education System. It’s Americans that loose. As far as slapping the civil union creator..We can’t dig up JFK but as a Ma.resident I think it’s o.k. to slap Teddy as a proxy. He has caused equal damage in his own right anyway.

  5. The only way to fix this system is for the legislatures to have the b*lls to bust these unions. Take away use amounts of their power.

    Wanna know what ridiculous issue our state teacher’s union is campaigning on? In some Western counties in the state public schools use corporal punishment (with signed parental consent). They want the state legislature to entirely outlaw the process, no longer allowing counties the freedom to choose whether to us corporal punishment. My wife’s dues money at work. Ridiculous.

  6. arclightzero says:

    “The only way to fix this system is for the legislatures to have the b*lls to bust these unions.”

    That would also mean that you would have to separate the liberals from their unions. The problem is that they have become one in the same. Even looking at the local level, many elected reps and senators are also part of the education system and use their power to gain footing for the teacher’s union. I did the math a few months back and challenged these people as to how it is that the enrollment rate dropped and yet their budget skyrocketed, far out pacing the inflation rate for the period. Of course, I got no real good answers other than the angry retorts from them claiming that they’re under funded and how dare I question money going to children. Yet they can’t account for where the money goes or how much actually goes to the children…

  7. Daniel Downs says:

    In agree the union are well organized and power. Their reach extend to federal, state and local levels of both schools and governments. The courts continue to agree with school officials that schools are not adequately and equitably funded. State legislatures change their funding formulas to better funder urban and rural schools, but local and state school bureaucrats keep coming back saying it is not enough. Some neighboring school districts have been consistently denied tax increases by local taxpayers. So like in other parts of the nation, school administrators, union reps, and others want voters to pass a constitutional amendment to by-pass local voter control of tax increases to local schools. The amendment in effect makes the state guarantee continual funding increases without voter approval. Even more fundamental to the problem is Congress itself. Federal school reform legislation is not and is not intended to actual solve the problem of achievement gaps, poverty, or global competitiveness. As Charlotte Twight claims in her book “Dependent on D.C.,” ESEA and its latest version–NCLB–is the means Congess is gaining complete control of education. Thus, all will sooner or later become the dominate power’s indoctrinated morons unless they are stopped. They cannot be stopped except by forcing a change of law, and probably constitutional law. The law requiring changing is school finance. All per pupil dollar should be distributed to parents with school aged kids. Let parents decided where their kids will attend school. That would possibly low tuition costs overall seeing private school tend to charge half of the per pupil cost of public schools and usually produce better results. The other thing needed is the elimination of federal school legislation. Let the federal government pay for mainstreaming learning disabled kids if they must. Eliminate the most of the functions of the US Dept of Education. A national consensus facilitated by the federal and results disseminated would be beneficial. So would testing and statistics of states. However, no money and no program agendas for educational programs or so-called reform. I know of others who eliminate the DOE altogether. I know Ron Paul is one of them, and maybe it would be best.

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