Common Sense:Islamophobia I

The JFK story has gotten the blog world a chattin’ The talk about town for at least one of the JFK plot suspects is that he was singled out because he was a Muslim. Singling him out due to being a Muslim and that alone.This is seen as an example of Islamophobia.

I disagree. I will not deny Islamophobia anymore than I’d deny Islamofacism and I hope to illustrate that here.

As for the JFK plotters:

“One of the four men charged with conspiring to blow up New York City’s Kennedy International Airport was once a business partner of the head of a Muslim group that launched a bloody 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad, Guyana’s police chief said Sunday. ” from

Greene told The Miami Herald that Kadir, a former opposition member of Guyana’s Parliament, was in an export business with Yasin Abu Bakr, leader of Trinidad’s Jamaat al Muslimeen, or JAM, the radical Muslim group whose 1990 coup attempt left 24 dead. from

One of the suspects, Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen native to Guyana and former JFK employee, said the airport was a symbol that would put “the whole country in mourning.” from

The last one is the one who was singled out. There is controversy all round. The truth be told the Guyanese and Trinidad suspects are denying involvement as are their family members. The other aspect of this story is how quick the unlikely success of the plot was exclaimed from the rooftops of the 4th Estate. (perhaps a different post)Bottomline this was an international investigation looking at some folks that have some issues.

I’m not buying Islamophobia on this. This incident as well as the Ft. Dix incident are examples of seeing smoke and finding fire albeit smolders. I could also add the “Flying Imams” vs “John Doe” saga. That is just one freaky deal. I’ll accept it sucks to have a tan and a beard in America now.I ask you though do you have to poke the hive ?

Unfortunately post 9/11 USA,post 3/11 Spain and post 7/7 London the world is a place that caution and concern need to be omnipresent. Islamophobia II will show another side.



  1. salahudin says:

    I think you’ve misunderstood our blog post:

    The article we wrote explains the reaction by some right wingers about the daughter of the accused defending her father:

    I quote from the post:

    “Gee. He was a muslim? I wouldn’t have guessed n a gazillion years.” is what this post is about!”

    We never said that arresting those people was an example of islamophobia. It’s the reaction on the defense of her father that is islamophobia.

    What we specifically called islamophobia was the accusation that being muslim alone was justification enough to arrest those people. THAT is islamophobia.

  2. salahudin says:

    I have to admit that the post we made wasn’t very clear. Sorry about that.

  3. in2thefray says:

    I was turning over in my head your position. Ultimately your post served as a trigger to things I see around me. This post isn’t a critique of you. I agree in fact with your position as well as that all Muslims=terrorists is insane. My posts I and II are about seeing things that aren’t there and denying things that are. I’ll be running with this for a couple more posts.Check out number 2 and I think that’ll be clearer.Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part and I hope I’ve cleared any on your end.

  4. salahudin says:

    All good. I wasn’t bothered by it because I knew it was a misunderstanding due to miscommunication on my part. ::)

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