CSI : Massacre @ LighterSide

4/22/2007 I had the the unfortunate experience to come upon a scene of carnage.

Victim 1 sustained trauma to R.axillary line and both R. abdominal quadrants.


Victim 2 suffered massive multi system trauma secondary to large heavy object being dropped on victim .


Victim 3 sustained severe trauma resulting in transection . Lower extremities were not located on scene .


The final victim,victim 4 was found away from scene. Victim appears to have minor injuries and apparently had benefited from some provisions.


The preceding were found innocently enough while following some of my own weekend advice of getting out in the fresh air. I did not set this up, which makes me wonder about my neighbors. In an all to serious world a little levity is a good thing, in2thefray



  1. OH the humanity or the…peepmanity!

  2. That’s completely sick… I love it! 🙂

  3. in2thefray says:

    You get a day off you go places. Thanks for stopping by

  4. velvethammer says:

    The horror!

    Neat post! Thanks for the 🙂

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